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Spreading my wings……

So I know in my last post…..I gave an update on my rotation….Yep. The same guys who have been around forever. But I also wanted to let y’all know that I’m not limiting myself to these folks….This summer while the mister was disappeared I actually “dated” another guy.

I went home one weekend and my parent’s neighbor decided to introduce me to his son. Now, I was kind of mean to this young man and I was not trying to give up my number. I told him I didn’t live there. And yadda, yadda, yadda..But he persisted. I asked him how old he was and when he said he was younger than me I was kind of like HERE WE GO AGAIN. When I asked what he did he was still in school and he does odd end jobs for folks…What kind of answer was that???? Anywho, I ended up giving him my number. And surprisingly we had good conversations….. But long post short. I had to let that go for several reasons.

Reason #1: He was a convicted felon
Reason #2: He miiiight have a baby on the way
Reason #3: He doesn’t have a license

But the thing is… he seemed to drop a bomb every week…So I was just like ummmm what else is there???

So initially, I did have a problem with the convicted felon part. But as he talked about his struggles with finding a job I felt like I was just as bad as the jobs who weren’t hiring him….So I kind of overlooked it..Not really overlooked but kept it in the back of my mind… But alll that other stuff…The possible baby..Not having no driver’s license…It was just toooo much for me…And he was overly aggressive…. Ummm yeah, I had to let that all the way go.

But the funny thing is when I was telling him it wasn’t going to work he proceeded to go off on me….I was LAUGHING. I was baffled and kept asking him soooo we were talking once every couple of weeks and you thought we were progressing? Really??? He was telling me how other girls have tried to talk to him but he didn’t talk to them because he was interested in me..I was like welll, you ARE technically single so you could have did whatever you wanted….And he was on some you should have told me you weren’t interested before I got my heart involved. Ummmm boy BYE!

He was a NUT for real!!!!! Certified NUT at that….

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