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I seen a G H O S T

So yesterday I’m driving home from work and I’m just chatting away on my cell phone…I look over and notice a truck that looks like my Mister’s…..At first I see the GA license plate…Then I keep looking and notice the dented passenger side…So I’m talking to one of the besties like I see him..Should I go over there??? She like yes….So I bust a U and make my way to Wendy’s parking lot…He had actually parked…So when he was getting out then he noticed me….He was walking up to my car….I rolled down the windows…Have you talked to your mom??? (Said that without any attitude or like I had a care in the world) He was like yep I talked to her…He then proceeds to say I was just on my way over to talk to you… NINJA PLEASE!!!! I said OK and drove off….

I seen him at the Wendy’s that was literally around the corner from my place. I could walk to that Wendy’s if I wanted too….. So that kind of burned me up…. Everybody is asking well why didn’t you tell him off, cuss him out, do this or that…My response..I ain’t PRESSED! I been let that go.

So of course he never showed…But it wasn’t like I was sitting around waiting for him either..One of my best friends was in town and we headed to Louisville to see another friend of ours….And she was asking what if he came over apologizing and this and that…I was like he can apologize all he want to because whenever he do want to talk I ain’t got nothing to say.I’mma just listen. I also told her that 6 months is not that long so I’m cool with walking away….She was like so you done…I’m like I’m done….She was like you sure you got it in you… I’m like hell yeah I’m sure…I explained that I’ve already allowed one person to walk in and out of my life and I refuse to subject myself to that again….So once you start pulling the disappearing acts I’m out!!!!!!

I’m still shaking my head that I seen the guy around the corner from my apt….. Like really????? But oh well….

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  1. July 14, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    That would have shocked the heck out of me!! Idk 80’s I think I would have been doing a Jazmine S & busting windows out the car!!!!!

    BTW back to blogging….. http://www.31andthriving.wordpress.com

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