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Interesting Saturday

Okay so I have to tell about my entire Saturday so you’ll really get an understanding of how busy/crazy it was….

So first off I have to wake up super early to go get a new license cause mine expire this year and renew my tags for my car. And I refused to be in the DMV (why do people call it the DMV when it’s really the Bureau of Motor Vehicles) all morning so I was there first thing and I was in and out in 10 minutes…

So I go back home and crawl back in the bed to just relax since the weather was kind of yucky..Here comes my momma. Asking me to be in the parade. A multicultural festival was going on Saturday and the parade was it’s kickoff….All of our black churches participate in the parade and are vendors during the festival. My church was riding bikes in the parade and my mom has like 3 bikes. So she pretty much said grab a bike and come on….And I obliged. Did I mention it was sprinkling…. Luckily the parade was maybe about a mile…It was from one park to another park… So yeah my Saturday morning ended with me riding a bike in a parade in the rain for my church….And guess who I seen while I was in the parade…. The ex from high school..He got caught by the parade…So we waved.. He later texted and asked if I was still coming to his bday party… I was like I plan on it unless you revoking my invitation….

I didn’t mind the rain because I was getting my hair done that afternoon. Now my aunt is my hair stylist….So y’all already know what that means…. I got started….I was washed and blow dried and then she had to run some errands..LOL So yeah I just went back to the festival…On my way to the festival I seen the ex from high school again..So he pulls up on me and ask who all coming tonight and I was being smart with him… Like why???? But I was only playing and he talking about change that attitude and I rolled my eyes and drove off smirking… And when I get to the festival I see his momma…We speak and she’s asking if I talked to her son..She’s like yeah you know today is his birthday and I was like yeah I texted him…So back to my hair…Long story short I ended up getting my hair finished (a sew in) at a family friend’s graduation party.. Yeah.. GHETTO!!! But it had to be done…..

So my hair is finally finished and I make it home after 10 and I start getting ready….I was so freaking flustered..I’m the type that like to play around with my hair and be comfortable with it..But I had no time for that…And this hair is wayyyyyyy darker than I’m used to.. :/ So I start getting ready..Everytime I think my dress is ironed..I notice more wrinkles… I just couldn’t get it together….

So I finally get to my friend’s house who is riding with me and I go in so she can give me the glance over and help me out with my hair because by this time I’m just FRAZZLED… So finally we’re off….Its in a nice lil place that we’ve never been before…. It’s a 2 level place with the downstairs being more of a social area and the upstairs being I guess the dance area… So we get drinks downstairs and head on up… The birthday guy is standing by the steps with his best friend..So me and my friends hug/speak and he tells us that he has a room in the back with drinks and what not and to help our self…

So we start heading back there…..And here comes the awkwardness….So the bm is in the room along with a few girls she hang with…One of her best friends is his cousin and then another one of her friends is his best friend’s sister and a couple other folks….And his brother was there and we hugged because its been a while since we’ve seen each other….So me and my friends did a hey and a wave…We spoke and kept it moving..Back to the dance floor we went…..

So throughout the night he would come up to me…And we would chat….Make small talk..He thanked me for coming…and yadda, yadda, yadda….So one time he’s approaching me and here comes this girl who he used to date. Now mind you me and the girl go back because her daddy pastors the church my daddy’s family go to. So I’mma just call her PK..She’s not from my town but would be down a lot because of church. She’s actually from V’s city…Well, when they started to date/mess/ whatever then all of a sudden she had a problem with me and stopped speaking…..To this day I just laugh about it. Because she goes out of her way to be spiteful. Everytime we’re out she’ll come from waaayyyy across the room to speak to one of my best friends. She’s funny to me…Oh, but let me add PK will speak when I’m at her church… She’ll speak to me when I’m with my mom. GTFOOHWTBS!!!!

So when she comes and sideswipes him my friend is playing around and whispers so you just gonna let her take him…I was like ummmm you see who is approaching who… Shut my friend up real quick. She said and you are definitely right about that….. But it was kind of sad because she was really being thirsty and kept trying to be in his face…. Me and my girls were having a great time….The music was cool…We were feeling our drinks… My cousin who is married to his cousin came so I hung out with them a little.

So we’re still partying and I would look up and notice him smiling at me from across the room….So one time he approaches us and he’s talking to my friends and he’s like y’all already know who this is to me..And my friends are just waving their hands and rolling their eyes playfully like well she’s single…..So he starts smiling….and then my friends start going on like but you’re all talk anyway so we’re not trying to hear it…..So I just start teasing him like yep he’s all talk because he got a girl in the city he resides in…..He’s like all I have in Dallas (fake city) is a condo that you haven’t came and seen….. So I just laugh and we walk off on him…

So the night is almost over….the DJ is starting to slow it down….. He’s walking past so I was like come on let’s dance..We probably haven’t danced together since our college days… A long time ago……And he was joking like so we taking it back to how we used to be in high school…. And then the lights came on….My friends were joking around because we were matching and I was like we might as well take a pic…. I think our last pic was from my sister’s college graduation party circa 2005…We chatted some more..He invited us to breakfast at some diner. We declined… Said our goodbyes and that was that…

Overall, me and my girls had a great time….New environment, new faces, old faces, good drinks, good music, awkward moments, interesting moments….We kicked it….I’m glad that I went….

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