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Interesting Saturday night ahead…..

Sooooo tomorrow is the ex from high school’s 30th bday and he’s having a PARTY!!! And of course I got an invitation…And I’m gonna GOOOOOO!!!!!! *Wink Wink* Now mind you when I solicited my friends to go with me all of them were like I’m in…So the next question from all of my friends were like so what u gonna wear???? And of course they asked you think the babymomma gonna be there?? Who else you think you gonna be there???

So of course all my friends are focusing on what I’m gonna wear…..So my sister suggests a dress for me to wear from my closet and I was considering it….Then I had asked my friend her opinion on another dress…. So the dress my sister suggested is a great dress…It’s a BCBG with fringes and my friend says the fringes hides my curves….. So the dress I suggested..My friend was like HECK NO!!!! You’ll be doing toooo much because that dress is suck em tight…. She told me I needed to find a happy medium…

So I went through my closet and found a couple of options…So we shall see… But I’m excited about the lil shindig… Mainly because our paths never cross whenever we’re out since we’ve been adults…Whenever he’s visiting if we’re both going out then we go out to different places….

I’ve already went into detail about the messiness of our situation on this blog…And unfortunately we’re still apart of each other’s lives…. We continue to text a couple time’s a week about random stuff….We have a mutual cousin and he keeps me updated with his sports because he travels to some of his AAU games…. His sister by his dad was a classmate of mine and her mom died unexpectedly so we talked a lot during that time….*At his sister’s moms funeral my aunt hopped in his car and rhode with him to the cemetary* I told y’all he’s still considered part of the fam.

A couple months ago I was home visiting and he had stopped by…And he was talking to my mom and asking if she had the met the boyfriend and my mom was like no…So he pumps his fist like yes I’m still in there..I still got a chance..I just rolled my eyes…So then my mom proceeds to say I don’t care who 80’s is dating you was always my choice.. I roll my eyes because she ain’t EVER met anybody else… (I’m real particular about bringing folks around my family) So my mom goes upstairs and we’re still downstairs talking and my mom yells down the steps you have two people routing for you.. My aunt was on the phone and she let it be known that she’s still rooting for him too…The next morning at church my mom whispered it’s three..Your grandma is rooting for him too..I just laughed it off.. Like these folks are NUTS.

But yeah this Saturday night is going to BE REAAAAALLLLLLL interesting…

And I say that because his females/exes want to know my secret..What is it about me??? Why am I still a friend after all these years…. I’m still around because I pumps his lil arrogant brakes…and because *whispers in a sing song voice* cause I ain’t never give him none…. LMAO

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  1. Holly GoLightly
    June 17, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    All I will say is… “Be Good!”

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