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Swollen lip returned

Sooooo about 7 years ago I had a lil bump by my mouth and I was thinking it was just a regular pimple and I picked with it…That next day my bottom lip was HUGE. I went to our campus nurse and she asked if I had insurance and she then sent me to the doctor. My lip was huge and painful and that didn’t stop the dr from squeezing it thinking some kind of fluid/infection needed to be drain. Luckily there was no drainage. So he then made me an appt w/ a ear, nose, and throat specialist. This man gave me a numbing shot in my lip and then proceeded to dig around in my lip but again nothing was in there….This dr. made me come back everyday for like 3 days straight. He even had me coming back after the weekend.

I guess I didn’t learn my lesson the last time. Last Thursday night I had a painful bump forming. So I messed with it… Woke up Friday didn’t really think nothing of it…Got to work and started noticing my lip was swelling a bit…So I went and got some ice from our cafeteria. That pretty much got it under control. I drove home to Ohio and by time I got home it had swelled up again…Went to a revival service and it was still swelling. So I went over my grandma’s house…I started putting heat on it and the swelling started to go down. My grandma gave me this ice thing to put on it and it swelled right on back up….I woke up in the middle of the night on Saturday in pain because my lip was hurting really bad and it had swelled up even more.

So that next morning I went to urgent care…. If this hadn’t have happened before I would have been terrifed at the doctor’s response….He was literally like OH MY…..He said that it was a fever blister that had spiraled out of control and could possibly be infected…I was terrified…Thinking infected…Infected with what????? He mentioned the word staph??? He said it’s possible an airborne virus could have hit it….. He had a nurse give me a cortisone shot in my butt to reduce the swelling.I was embarrassed…LOL And prescribed a gel and some antibiotics.

So my lip kind of started going down on Saturday but not fast enough for me…..I wasn’t just gonna be hiding out in my parent’s house so I still carried on with my normal business…..So on Sunday it was starting to go down….I noticed that applying pressure/heat was helping to relieve the pain…… Unfortunately it made my lip swell ALL THE WAY BACK UP…So I made another doctor’s appt for Tuesday with my mom’s dr.

She pretty much gave me the same diagnosis that she thinks its a fever blister and this must be the way my body reacts to them after I pick with them . I had mentioned the other dr said something about STAPH and she calmed me because she stated that my lip was just swollen and there was no kind of infection that needed to be drained. She also mentioned since it was just swollen she didn’t want to cut on my lip if she didn’t have to… *OUCH*…So she prescribed me some medication..Some steroids to help with the swelling.

It’s finally starting to come down and I returned back to work yesterday for a half a day. Since I work in a hospital I am still kind of paranoid about STAPH and MRSA and all that other stuff floating in the air so I wore a mask…..I could care less about the stares I just want my lip to heal without any other complications…..

So I promise from here on out I WILL NOT TOUCH ANY BUMP/PIMPLE AROUND MY LIP….Obviously my lip gets mad at me when I do that and REACTS…LOL

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  1. V Renee
    April 8, 2011 at 9:48 am

    Oh No!!! This sounds awful.

    I hope it gets better. And please stop picking bumps near your mouth. 😆

  2. ms80s
    April 8, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    Thanks V….It has went down tremendously…….. I’ve always been a picker…. But I’m definitely stop picking with bumps near my mouth…These lips are sensitive and obviously can’t handle it.

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