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Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!! It’s Friday and it’s a payday…Awwww sooky sooky now…..

So 2010 was an extremely expensive year for me….I’m talking about new tires, new brakes, bridesmaid duties, my momma’s big 50th bday party, my sister’s 30th bday party, and misc trips. So yeah I spent some MONEY!!!!! Unfortunately I was a swiping fool. I do not like interest charges. So regardless of how much I spent for the month on my credit card I paid it off in it’s entirety once the bill came. I’m shaking my head at how much my statements used to be a month. I went plum crazy. Needless to say I didn’t do much saving. And I constantly dipped into my savings account. So you know what that mean. Savings account depleted.

Luckily for me I didn’t continue to just spend like crazy. I decided to sit my butt down in 2011 and get my finances under control. I am doing good. Still playing a lil bit of catch up from 2010. But it’s coming together….

As I sat and looked at my financial spreadsheet this morning initially I was unhappy. *sad face* I am not happy about my savings account balance. And with me playing catch up I’m still not saving like I would like. I decided that I’m gonna have to go back to what I know which is writing everything down….Even though I get cash rewards back from my credit card I can’t continue to use it because I end up swiping carelessly. So I’m going back to my debit card and keeping track of every purchase.

So I started off unhappy and then I realized that once I met my goal of paying my car off next month then I’ll be officially back to saving.So I got excited again. Because at the very least the amount of my car payment will be getting deposited to my savings account automatically. So ontop of my car payment I’ll also be saving the regular amount that I have allotted for each pay period…I got to calculating and if I do right (which I definitely plan on) my savings account will bounce right on back.

But I can say 2010 was a heck of a year for me…So although I spent way tooooooo much money I had some greatttttt times……

Have a great weekend folks!!!!

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