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What a Day, What a Day

I had a GREAT weekend. Me and a group of friends went to ATL for one of my sister’s best friends birthday and we HAD A BALL!!!!!! We kicked it. We did a lot but not to the point where we overdid it.

In my last post I mentioned how my mister ended going to ATL to stay for a while with his dad. Of course I couldn’t go to the ATL without seeing my mister. We spent a decent amount of time together on Saturday. The poor man had got lost coming to my sister’s house and it took him FOREVER….A 20 minute ride took him over a hour :/. So by time he comes to me he’s frustrated for getting turned around..He has no patience due to the situation with his dad..I’m tired of sitting and waiting on him…..And I’m cranky because I had been up past 6 oclock in the morning the last 2 nights…. So we were bumping heads….

Our outing ended up getting cut short because I had to start getting ready for the birthday dinner and his dad had called wanting him to bring him something to eat. It really wasn’t no biggie because he was getting on my nerves and I was getting on his nerves so we went our seperate ways….That night he met back up with us at the club. I had asked if he was gonna come back to my sister’s for a couple of hours after the club….He was like why don’t you just come back with me since I’m going back to that church by your sister’s house and I’ll drop you off in the morning….. I was like you trying to have your daddy thinking I’m fast…LOL He assured me his daddy wasn’t like that and everything would be fine….So I ended up going back with him and of course we were thinking the daddy was going to be sleep. Nope. The daddy was up watching tv. *Awkward*

Me and the dad were introduced. And he did NOT look good to me at all. My mister doesn’t really like to talk about his dad’s cancer so I knew it was serious but I didn’t know how serious. But after I seen the dad I was like okay, this man looks like he’s about to die…. I just didn’t know if my mister thought that too. Although he was sitting up watching tv he was just kind of sitting there lifeless. Honestly, he scared the mess out of me. I had seen pictures from when my mister was a baby. And his dad was a nice looking man and if I’m not mistaken should be in his late forties or possibly early fifties. His dad looked like an old man :(.

So my mister has been in ATL for about a week and a 1/2. Yesterday, I get a text from my mister saying today has been a bad day and it’s the worst day of his life…. So I’m like what’s going on….He texts back… DAD…So I was already thinking uh oh. I asked if he was okay and he said No. I asked if he had to get him to the hospital and he said yes. He finally said that his daddy went into cardiac arrest. So we texted for a few and then I call him when I’m leaving work. He says that they have his dad holding on until his grandma is able to get there and this was about 4:30.

About 7:15 I recieved a text saying that he was gone. I was thinking to myself DAMN!! I was more concerned about my mister though. Because he’s never experienced death and I knew there wasn’t family in ATL. I was hoping the grandma made it but she was traveling from KY so I assumed she hadn’t made it yet. I just didn’t want him to be alone. He assured me that he wasn’t alone and his dad’s friends had been around majority of the day.He seemed to be holding up okay. I told him to hang in there and I admired what he did because it’s not too many people who would have just picked up and left like he did. I told him he was there for his dad when he needed him most.

Unfortunately, when my mister had initially texted me saying it was a bad day I had already recieved some devastating news a couple of hours earlier so my heart was already heavy. One of my good guy friends from college lost his brother yesterday. I was extremely saddened because I knew how close my college bud was with his siblings. His brother was 25. He’s always had a heart condition but went a lil too hard on his birthday, collapsed, went into a coma, and passed away yesterday morning. When I got the text message saying he passed away my heart literally SANK.

Yesterday was a gloomy day. And NOW I have the worst headache EVER. 😦

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  1. L.P.
    March 10, 2011 at 11:40 am

    Hang in there, ms80’s. My prayers are with the mister and his family, and your friend and his family.

    Take care.

  2. V Renee
    March 10, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    😦 😦 😦 😦

    My prayers are with all of yall too. Soooo sad. I can’t imagine losing my daddy 😦

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