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So I know I was supposed to fill y’all in on everything that we did on our ATL trip….. Well so much has been going on so I never got around to making that post… Just know that we had a great time…..We had sooo much fun that we ended up staying an extra day… We didn’t make our way back to Ky til Monday afternoon… He’s just like me when it comes to traveling. Not necessarily on a strict time schedule…Just going with the flow…

I’m not for sure if I mentioned this or not but his dad has cancer and is not doing to good. His dad is orginally from the KY but lives in GA. So his dad was down in KY visiting with his family and he became ill…To the point he was hospitalized and unable to travel back home. The day me and my mister were scheduled to leave for our trip was also the day that he had traveled to see his dad that morning…… As a result of that trip he pretty much told me his dad was in bad shape.

He had talked about how when we came back he was possibly gonna go stay with his dad for a week…He also talked about going back to GA for a few months to help his dad out.

So I realize that he’s the type to kind of run away from his problems…..Once we came back for our trip he ended up staying with me for the week…I definitely didn’t mind. Really wasn’t expecting it but I know he was just trying to figure out his next steps. He’s never really witnessed anybody being sick before and he’s never really experienced any kind of loss. So his dad being sick is new to him. He told me that he immediately walked right back out of his dad’s hospital room once he seen the shape he was in. He had already discussed the situation with his job so they already knew what was going on and he had worked it out to where if he went to GA then he could work out of their offices down there.

So during our trip I told him that I was going to Ohio that weekend and if need be he could ride with me and I’ll drop him off to see his dad since it’s on my way home. So I guess that’s what helped him make his decision of staying with me for the week…We kept teasing saying this is gonna be the test… Lo and behold we definitely passed the test….I can honestly say he never got on my nerves…We had a great week.

So I dropped him off over his grandmother’s house on Friday with the expectations that I was coming back to get him on Sunday and we’ll head back to the KY. Well, he texted me Sunday morning and said we don’t have to go back today I’m going back to GA with my dad….. Initially, I was just like okay and didn’t think anything of it……

It didn’t actually hit me until I talked to him on Monday. They had just stopped in Louisville to get him some more clothes and now they were on their way… My mister is miles and miles away. I’m a lil sad that he’s further away but at the same time I’m happy to know that he’s a great man who didn’t think twice about being there for his dad.

Good thing I had plans of going to Atl this weekend…So I’m excited about seeing him 🙂

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