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~Recap of Superbowl Sunday

So I stayed in Ky for the weekend and for the most part I was a homebody…My mister had to work on Saturday and then came across tickets to the U of L game for that evening…I know how much he loves his team so I just chalked it up that we wouldn’t get to spend time together til Sunday…..

My mister’s stepdad had left his hat at a church in my area and my mister told me he asked me to get it for him…On Sunday I had just woke up and was really just gonna lounge in the bed but my mister called and reminded me about the hat. I felt like it was a sign that I needed to get my butt up and go to church. I have more excuses about not going to church while I’m in Ky on the weekends. So I just got up and went to the church…I hadn’t been to that church in some years and it was definitely different than I remember it….They didn’t have a pastor when I went and the pastor they have now is so freaking animated….He had us putting our arms around the person next to us…He just had us doing way tooo much. But I can say that I went to church….So after service I asked their usher if they had a lost and found because I was inquiring about a hat. That man led me right to the hat…

So after church I run to Walmart to get my last minute items to make my dessert…I was really bout to throw down in the kitchen…I was ready…. Until I finally talk to my mister and he’s like we’re eating at 4…It’s after 2:30 and I have about 35 minute drive to his parents house… I’m like what…I was just now bout to make my dessert….Ya know I was thinking superbowl doesn’t start til 6 so I had plenty of time…WRONG!!! I had to execute plan b….Ran back to Walmart and gathered all the items for my strawberry pudding because I knew it wasn’t going take no time to make….

I had the WORST time with my strawberry pudding because the frozen strawberries were taken forever to melt in the microwave…LOL But I finally got it together…Well almost…I had to just take the cool whip with me because it hadn’t melted enough for me to do the top layer….So I’m still kind of rushing and my mister calls me like no rush babe we’re running behind… So that was great because I was running behind myself….But I finally hit the road and was ready for the festivities.

Ummmm so it really wasn’t a party… It was just five of us…But we had a great time…I promise I HEART my mister’s parents…. They make me feel so welcomed…You would’ve thought I gave the daddy a million bucks the way he carried on about his hat…He gave me a hug and put that hat on instantly. I believe he has had that hat for almost 15 years….. He was like my head has been missing this hat so I gotta at least wear it for a hour….

Dinner was great as usual. Great conversation and it was just a good time all around….And they loved my dessert.. YAY!!!!!! My dessert was another HIT!! The stepdaddy just kept tearing into it…So now it was time for the game and the mom started making drinks….We had apple martinis…. I’m not really an apple martini, or daiquiri fan so I just chalked it up for the team and sipped on my apple martini pretty much all night long… I was so happy once I actually finished that drink.

During the game, they had brought out photo albums…Including the album from their wedding. That momma was an EXTRA bride but I loved it….And my mister’s big headed lil butt was in all of the pictures….The friend of his parents who was over told my mister check out this album so you can get some ideas and handed him the wedding album. We all just laughed about that and then the man started off on some kind of tangent so it avoided an awkward moment… I seen all kind of pictures from family vacations to my mister’s artwork from when he was a kid. It was really cool being let all they way in their world.

After the game I still stayed around for a bit. My mister knew I wanted to watch glee so he was like just stay and watch it here. He was like it’s not like you have to be home at a certain time…. I really wasn’t ready to go so I ended up staying and watching Glee with him…He was like I don’t even watch Glee but I’ll watch it with you if you stay… 😉 That is exactly why I love that man..

So yes.. I had a great time with my mister and his parents on Superbowl Sunday…

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  1. V Renee
    February 7, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    Now you know old men don’t be playing about their hats. It’s serious business out here. ROTFLMAO!

    Sounds like fun times! Don’t forget to invite me to the wedding. Or really it doesn’t matter, because I’ll crash it in a hearbeat. 😉

  2. ms80s
    February 8, 2011 at 9:58 am

    @V….U ain’t never lied about old men and their hats…..Especially black MEN and their hats…..

    Girl you already know you getting an invitation to the wedding….*wink wink* It’s coming…. LOL

  3. L.P.
    February 9, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    Awww, you guys are so cute! And wasn’t that Glee episode funny? Lolll!

    Can’t wait to read the rest of the stuff.

    p.s: if you’re serious about cooking, let me know. I collect cookbooks (I love cooking) and I was gifted a very nice one on Soul food cuisine. I think the recipes are easy enough to follow and the story behind the success is really wonderful. All and all a great read. The name of the book is: Sylvia’s Family Soul Food Cookbook by Sylvia Woods and family. Her restaurant in Harlem is an institution and has appeared on Food Network etc…. So go get it!! 🙂

    (or when is your b-day? :D))

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