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It’s Super Bowl Weekend

Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow…Or the remix…Green and Yellow, Green and Yellow…Lol

So who u going for???? Does anybody have any plans for the weekend? Hosting a superbowl party???

I’m really not going for a team….I guess I’ll go for Pittsburgh since they have a black coach….Not a fan of either team….

But I am watching it with my mister at his parents house….They’re hosting a superbowl party and I’m trying to decide what I want to take….Of course he’s like you don’t have to bring anything. But I’m like no. Enough is enough. I’ve had dinner at their house (impromptu) enough without me bringing anything. He’s gonna tell me since I want to bring something I can bring some pop…. Excuse me…I know my cooking skills aren’t the greatest but I DO NOT want to bring no pop….

I’m thinking of a dip or some kind of dessert…. I have a few cookbooks and I have a few ideas…. He’s telling me to bring my infamous strawberry pudding. I’ve made it twice and it’s a big hit…But I’m trying to expand my specialities. Because just having ONE specialty ain’t gonna cut it….So I want to do something different….

I know my future stepdad-inlaw (y’all see what I did there) is making ribs so I kind of want to make something that goes with that as well…

We shall see…But whatever I do wish me luck… Cause if it’s not good or don’t look good I ain’t taking it nowhere… I will THROW something I’ve made away in a minute..LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!

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