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Still trying to be a rolling stone…….

So y’all already know how my grandfather gets down…He has X amount of children. (X = number really not known) He pretty much was a rolling stone. He has kids all over the place. Well, last week he had knee replacement surgery so while I was home for the weekend I went to visit him. That was the funniest visit ever. It was hilarious to me because even though he was out of it he was still trying to be a pimp.

So he was delirious and really just talking out of his head due to his meds. He was calling folks name who wasn’t in the room with us and he was just shouting things out. We were all kind of just like ummmmm okay… But anywho it was me, my mom, my lil cousin, and this lady who has a child by him who I think thinks she is “the girlfriend” these days. Now mind you this lady is older at least 70 and she gets the side eye from me….Sorry boo “KNOW UR LANE my grandma will always be the 1st lady since they were MARRIED at a point. (Sorry guys got a lil sidetracked but that whole situation with my grandpa is an unresolved hot MESS)

So anyway we were in the room and he calls the lady to his side and all of a sudden he says what u looking so good for….I couldn’t help it I BUSTED out laughing..So then when I started laughing my momma couldn’t help it and started laughing too. So I think the lady got embarrassed not knowing what was about to come out of my papa’s mouth next so she just went and sat back down. I think he was really about to try and get fresh. So a few minutes later the lady is standing up talking to my mom and I see my papa pointing and saying who is that to the lady. The lady ain’t saying nothing so we ain’t say nothing either. Then my mom goes on one side of the bed and the lady goes on the other side to tell him bye for the night. So my momma is telling him that we’re bout to leave so she’s gonna turn off the lights so he can get some rest. He looks at the woman like so I’m bout to be in the dark…And asks if she’s bout to be in the dark with him and he makes this lil smirk????? I was just sitting there covering my face like I see he still a pimp even when he’s delirious……

That was funny to me. Here he is laying in the hospital bed talking about why his leg propped up so high. He has no clue he’s in the hospital thinking he was in a hallway somewhere but yet still somewhere trying to flirt…. #GOSITDOWNSOMEWHEREPAPA

Sidenote: I was over my grandma’s house and she was asking my mom about the condition of my papa. She’s had knee replacement before and we’ve experienced her being out of it. After her surgery I was in her room and she asked me how was the baby…. I was like ummmm excuse me???? What baby might you be referring to?? LOL But as I listened to them talk I heard something very surprising. So my mom was saying how my grandpa didn’t want this nurse who he knows to wash him up. My grandma was like ohhhh he’s very private when it comes to his body…She was like I never seen him naked and he never seen me naked either….. I was thinking so y’all were married and had 5 kids but never seen each other naked… INTERESTING…I was sitting there baffled because I promise y’all my papa GOT AROUND… So if anything I guess I was never expecting him to be so “private”. I’m still just thinking about that like…Interesting……How can you be shy but yet it’s proven that you were a MANWHORE??????? *Definitely don’t read more into this then what it is…I love my Papa dearly but like I said it is know secret that he got around*

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