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My Weekend was off the Chain Part 2

I had already made plans to come back early on Sunday so I could spend time with my mister… But I have a bad habit of lolly-gagging around when I’m home and wondering where the time went. But since the snow was coming it made me really get on the road early so I could beat the snow in Ohio. Plus it wasn’t bad in the KY so there were no altering my plans and I wanted to SEE MY MISTER… Unfortunately, our upcoming weekends are booked and he’s working late during the week so we’re trying to get that time in when we can. So we had to make Sunday work…..

*Disclaimer… Now y’all know he moved back in with his parents and at first I was just like ain’t no way I’m gonna be sittin up with him at his parents house. (Y’all remember the man is only 25 so I’m kind enough to give him some slack) But because his parents are awesome and soooooo welcoming I don’t really mind it one bit. If they were overbearing or constantly meddling then I probably would have a problem with it. And plus I just love their house. .. But again I ain’t tripping so over there I went…..And we rotate making the drive so it was my turn…..

But anyhow so I arrive at his house around 3:00. I don’t know what it is but everytime I’m coming over he seems to walk away from the phone. And I’m sorry but I’m not bold enough to just walk up to the door.. Naw buddy…So I blew his phone up until he answered and met me at the door. So I walked in and he took my coat and then I headed into the den to speak to his parents. We made small talk and then I went to have a seat and his mom was like y’all can go upstairs and watch tv… (Now I knew they had an entertainment room upstairs but my thing was initially I was NOT going up them steps with my mister. I was not trying to come off fast *wink*) But since his mother gave me permission to be upstairs in the entertainment room I’m okay with it now.

So we made our way upstairs and started watching tv. Then he goes and grab his shoebox of momentos. So I looked at his pictures from him growing up. I was cracking up because my mister had a full mustache in middle school. And you could tell by the pictures he just thought he was too cool/cute. Those pictures were hilarious. And I was able to get a glimpse into his childhood. I enjoyed those pictures.. Plenty of laughs.

So eventually I hear his mom yelling something. He looks at me and he’s like dinner’s ready. So I’m kind of caught off guard like ummm okay. Thinking to myself am I really bout to have dinner with just him and the parents????? So he’s like you are gonna eat something aren’t you??? I assure him that I’m gonna eat and off we go. I’m kind of dragging my feet just a little like am I really ready for this?? Like I don’t mind hi, bye, small talk…But dinner???? It’s really getting serious. I am really being intertwined into his world.

So I make my way to the kitchen and all the food is arranged on the counter including the plates, utensils, napkins, and even glasses full of water. The mother is kind of just standing there so I follow her lead and just stand there as well waiting to see their routine. The stepfather says grace, you fix your food, and then you head to the dining room. The menu was right up my alley. It was fried chicken, corn, and broccoli casserole. I didn’t know how stuff was going to taste so my plate consisted of small portions… LOL

We actually had great conversation. We talked about my upcoming trips. The mom was telling me the places I needed to make sure I visited in Las Vegas. I mentioned that we have someone who has been a few times so she’s gonna be our guide. And I told her that’s what we needed when we went to New York last month because we kept getting lost. She started telling me about her trip to New York for New Years a couple of years ago. And how they kept getting lost too. She was asking what all did we do so I had to tell her about GNO and how they pretty much had the trip planned out for us. I went on to mention that it’s my turn to plan it for next year and she started naming places that we can go. She threw out Chicago and New Orleans. So I told her a couple of us was going to New Orleans for New Years. So then the step daddy joins in and tells me he’s going to give me the name of a place that we must visit and a person to ask for.

So then the stepdaddy asks me so how long have I just been living where I live. I gave the background of school and when I was finish with everything so I told him that I’ve officially been just living here since January of 2007. He mentioned that he hated it when he lived where I lived and he doesn’t see how I do it. I told him that I’m pretty much just there during the week and he said I can see that you pretty much just live there and that’s it. I said that sounds about right.
The mom asked how I ended up at my job. So I gave that story about networking at a career fair and being informed about a position. Applying for it and getting it after my interview.

We talked about a bunch of more things. Including their Christmas tree which I thought was pretty and different. It was real artsy and creative. She started telling me about her Christmas side hustle. How she decorates these glass boxes and sells them. She had commented on my appetite and mentioned how I didn’t eat a lot and she asked if I worked out. But I played my appetite off on eating earlier which I did do.

We probably sat around the table and had dinner/talked for over a hour. It was pretty much myself and the parents who were doing all the talking. My mister was just over there eating and watching my plate. Making sure I ate my vegetables. He always somewhere worrying about my vegetable intake…..

Someone had made the stepdaddy some toffee for Christmas and he wanted me to try it. So he dug it out from it’s secret hiding spot. I grabbed a piece and he was like now don’t like it too much. I said why, cause it’s yours. And he said you know it. So we all just kind of laughed about that…… By this time it’s getting later and the snow is steady coming down so we all kind of mention how it’s time for me to get on the road so I won’t get snowed in.

So me and my mister head back upstairs. He’s grabbing his shoes because he’s going to the store for his mom and I’m grabbing my purse. So once we make it back downstairs I thank them for the dinner and I mentioned how much I enjoyed their company. So the stepdaddy is telling me don’t be in a rush to get home due to the weather. And then he mentions that if the weather hadn’t been that bad that he was going to challenge me to a game of cornhole. (I don’t know where we were going to play) So I laughed and said actually the cornhole team to beat are my are parents. He said well you gonna have to bring them down so we can play against them. *smile* So then he tells the mom that my parents are the team to beat and she’s like well I’m not really that good and he’s like I pick up her slack. So I tell him I come from a competitive family and we don’t like to lose.I also told him I was gonna talk stuff on his behalf so I hoped he could back it up….LOL Me and the parents said our final goodbyes and then me and my mister are finally heading out the door. He came and cleaned my car off for me and we said our goodbyes.. And then I was off.

I’m really glad that I went because I really enjoyed myself. So when me and the mister were on the phone that night I’m telling him that I’m glad that I came and he’s telling me that he’s glad I came and I got a lot of compliments. So y’all know an inquiring mind wanted to know what these compliments were. He mentioned that his mom was just like see that’s exactly the kind of girl that you’re supposed to date. She has a lot going for herself. She’s independent. She ain’t somewhere just doing a bunch of talking and having an opinion about everything. She’s nice. She’s quiet. And most importantly she seems like she let you be yourself. So yep I was smiling after that… I’m in there like swimswear now!!!! 🙂

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