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Update/Thanksgiving with his family

So I didn’t post last week… Sorry.. But to give you an update my time at home was wonderful. Initially, I was thinking that my great grandmother’s death was going to put a damper on our Thanksgiving holiday. But it didn’t. If anything it brought our family closer together. I had so much fun at home with my family. The bigger picture was that it was meant for all of us to be together especially around Thanksgiving. We were able to be thankful for Madea’s life and family!!!

The actual homegoing service was nice as well. My family is huge and it was at a small church so our family pretty much filled up the entire church. Madea looked soooo good. I couldn’t even be sad after seeing how peaceful she looked. They did an awesome job on her. I was asked to read a scripture and a poem. Not to toot my own horn but I think I did a good job.

My Thanksgiving was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

This previous weekend I stayed here and spent it with my boo…. On Friday night we ended up hitting up Applebee’s for a cheap meal and drinks. Once we got there I sat in the car contemplating whether I wanted to go in because my mister had on a suit. He hadn’t changed from work and I really didn’t want to be sitting up there with him and that suit on…LOL But I was like whatever and went on in….. (Everybody in my small town frequents applebees….so you’re bound to end up seeing some folks) At first it really wasn’t anybody in there…. But there was a Kappa Probate earlier that night so the later it got the crowd started to arrive. I had even started seeing Kappas from when I was at school.

So it’s finally time for us to go. He goes to talk to his cousin and I end up talking to a guy who I hadn’t seen in forever and we start catching up. My mister comes over and start talking to the guy too because they’re from the same place. So the guy ends up putting two and two together and then he just blurts out I hope you know you can’t treat her regular. Because she’s definitely not regular… So on that note I start easing out that door and I hear my mister like I definitely know that. So then the guy is like let me sing at the wedding and I hear my mister saying its coming…I’m just a smiling as I continue to walk right on the door.

Our Saturday was pretty boring….We pretty much just sat around the house all day. He watched basketball and football games all day…

Sunday we went to church and we really enjoyed the service. Next time we’re going to the earlier service because we didn’t get out of church til 1:45. We head back to my place and we change because we’re heading over to his grandparents for Sunday dinner. His grandma was in the nursing home on actual Thanksgiving so they had another small dinner. I wouldn’t say I was nervous beforehand because I had pretty much already met his grandparents, his parents, and an aunt. So it was just a few people that I hadn’t met.

Like I said I wasn’t nervous beforehand but once we walked in I was a bit overwhelmed. We had to walk in through the back which was the kitchen and everyone was already seated at the table. So it was like as soon as we walked in all eyes were on us. *INSTANT ATTENTION* It was all these eyes and smiles toward me. Luckily, they were already eating so they went right on back to their plates. He had left me and went towards the living room so I was just kind of standing there confused and then his mom told me to go put my coat and stuff in the living room…. So in the living room away from everybody I got a chance to tell myself to bring it all back in and get over the overwhelming moment. But I’mma fade into the background kind of gal so it took me a moment to get it together.

He had went back in the kitchen and started on the food and I heard his family like go wash your hands…. LOL So he came back towards my way to wash his hands and I kind of whispered I’m not really hungry. He like so you’re not gonna eat. I was like I am but later. So we head back to the kitchen and the food was on the counter over where everyone was sitting and I wasn’t ready to go over there on the overwhelming side so I just had a seat on the couch by the stepdad. Then everybody was like are you gonna eat. So I play it off like yeah I’m just trying to warm up first.

So my mister is looking at me from the kitchen and ends up making me a small plate. I was actually happy about that. My mister looked out for me. (Later on he said he did it because I was acting nervous/shy/weird and he wanted me to feel comfortable. I told him how it was a tad bit overwhelming walking in…. He also said I can’t believe I fixed your plates. I ain’t never fixed my girl’s plate in my life) I’m happy that he was able to read me….. His family had even teased him and mentioned they couldn’t believe he was fixing a plate.

So after everyone had ate they all started migrating to the living room. One of his aunts sat by me and started making small talk with me. She was all in the business. Where do I work and where am I from and yadda, yadda, yadda. I knew the questions weren’t in a nosey manner she was just trying to make conversation. Then she hit me with the infamous question “so do you cook”. My answer. I’m working on it….. Everyone chuckled and she said she hadn’t quite heard it put like that before. We continued making small talk then everyone else around us started dropping like flies. It was at least 90 degrees in there and everybody was full so they literally just all went to sleep. Including my mister. So it was just me, his aunt, and his grandparents who were up and we had great conversation. We probably just chatted it up for at least about a hour and a half. We talked about everything under the sun from sports, Michael Vick, Lebron James, all the kids that been killed lately, eating wild life, and For Colored Girls among other things. We had good conversation.

A little after 6 everyone started waking up and coming back to the living room. My mister looks outside and asks if I’m bout ready to hit the road since it was getting dark and I was off in the country…I tell him yeah and he go and grab my things from the other room. So the grandma is like well, if I don’t see you before Christmas you have a Merry Christmas and I told her the same. Then I hear the grandaddy like oh she’ll be back down here before then and he winks at me. And then he goes on to thank me for coming and mentions that he enjoyed conversing with me and to make sure I come back. So by this time the momma and stepdaddy are leaving too. So I was saying bye to the momma and she tells me that they’re trying to tell me bye in the other room. In so many words go back there and tell them bye. So I headed to the back and when I walked up they started complimenting me on my coat, my boots, my purse.. pretty much everything. ( I guess they were too busy eating when I first walked in to give me the full lookover) I said my gratitudes and goodbyes. Then I was off.

I thought it was sweet that my mister later mentioned that he was nervous about taking me to the grandparents house… I’m like why were you nervous. He was just like I wanted you to feel comfortable and welcomed….He said that he was glad that I came and the reason he invited me was because he wanted me to know that he was serious about me and I pretty much met everybody that matters…..

So there you have it… I went to Thanksgiving… 😉 All in all the family was cool.. Definitely calm and welcoming. But I can honestly say I enjoyed myself.

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  1. December 8, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    wow that sounded really cool. I think its awesome how you get to be around his family and see how they are around him and that they are really close. Its an important part of a relationship that a lot of people miss if you ask me.

    anywhoot, Im thinking the wedding was gonna be like in June 2011 but I may have to bump it up to early spring at the rate yall going! lol

  2. ms80sbaby
    December 8, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    Thanks Mik…The big question is when am I going to do the big introduction on my side…. And I’m still not for sure about it. It’s definitely not that I’m trying to hide anything but you know I know we are on that fast track right now and I want to make sure it’s the right track. I don’t mind it being on the fast track but it has to be on the right track as well…

    So far so good… So it’ll probably come sooner than later…..

    Girl, naw not that fast… I’m thinking maybe November 2011.. *wink* *wink*

  3. December 8, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    I feel you, you are doing a really good job. I think your fam is going to be equally as welcoming as his is 🙂 but you are right when you are ready it will happen. I like this guy 🙂

  4. ms80sbaby
    December 8, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    Thanks Mik…..He’s not a private person so I’m getting used to that as well…. He wrote a sweet lil message on my fb wall and part of me was like he is really trying to blow up our spot.. But I left it.. .I’m just taking it all in…..

  5. V Renee
    December 9, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    “We continued making small talk then everyone else around us started dropping like flies. It was at least 90 degrees in there and everybody was full so they literally just all went to sleep.”


    I like him. And I like yall together 🙂

  6. ms80sbaby
    December 9, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    @V…. It was soooo hot in there… I think the grandfather keep the temperature up that high. I don’t know why though..And then everybody kept waking up like it’s hoooottttt in here…….lol

    Thanks for liking us together….

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