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I’m so official….All I need is a whistle

*All last week I kept trying to write about our me and my mister’s 1st weekend together but I never really got the post going and I didn’t want to force it. Just know that we had a GREAT weekend…. No awkwardness no nothing. We were perfectly comfortable with each other. *

This weekend I ended up spending my entire Saturday with my mister and it wasn’t planned at all. So our plans were to meet for brunch and that was about it. I had a friend who had came into town and I had planned on meeting with my girls after spending a couple of hours with him.

*Disclaimer: Here recently he ended up moving back into his parents house and his car broke down….So I had to go pick him up. But to be honest this is something that I’m kind of hesitant about. I’m just being honest. That’s probably one of the biggest things is that I wish he was a lil more established. I know he’s on his way…And plus the man is younger than me. But I still kind of wish he was a lil bit closer. But anywho I’ve always said I was looking for substance and not stuff. So I have the substance and it would be silly to give up the substance because he doesn’t have the stuff. Yet…

So anyhow, I go pick him up and by the way the parents house is CCCRRRAAAZZZZYYYY.. Heck, if I could be living like that I would have probably moved back in with them too. And the house has it’s own cul de sac. So I pull into the cul de sac and I get nervous because there’s a car in the driveway and this man is standing in the driveway. I’m calling him and he’s not answering the phone. I text him and I get nothing. So I’m sitting in the car nervous as all get out because I don’t want to seem rude by not speaking but at the same time should I take it upon myself to go introduce myself. So I end up calling my bestie like hhhheeeelllllppp I don’t know what to do. Luckily, he finally appeared and was walking down the driveway so crisis was averted.

So we head down to this breakfast spot that he’s working at part time. I’m not really a breakfast person so I was just going with the flow. Since he works there everyone kept coming over to us and started introducing themselves to me. We couldn’t even have decent conversation because we kept getting interrupted. At one point he brought up us going to the next step but we got interrupted so we didn’t get to finish our conversation.

His grandma is actually in a nursing home right now for rehabiliation and it was down the street from the restuarant so he asked if we could stop there. I was like sure even though I’m not grandma appropriate. I had on my over the knee boots and some stretch pants with a short shirt. So I’m in the car folding down my boots so they won’t be that high and I’m pulling down my shirt to try to make it cover my booty some…. So we get to the nursing home and I meet the grandma. I went to shake her hand and she was like oooohhh your hands are cold… I just laughed because my hands stay cold for some reason… So we’re in there for a lil while and in comes the grandpa. It was cool. They were nice people so it wasn’t too bad. After we left there he kept talking about us going out that night and I was like ummmm no. For one I don’t have anything to wear and for two ummm no. He was like so you really don’t want to go out with me. He was like well we can go to the mall and I’ll buy you something. I’m like I have to be mentally prepared to go out and I’m not.I was just like I don’t want to go out. I’m glad he eventually got the hint that I was not BUDGING.

He had wanted to go to some play but the play didn’t start until 7 and it was only about 3:30 so it was like well what are we bout to do…He was like we can go back to my parents house :/. So I had just jazzed back up my outfit after I had toned it down. So then I went back to toning it back down again. He stopped me like my family is not like that so you don’t have to do that. He was like you’re cool. So I just went with it hookerish outfit and all.. LOL So we went back to his parents house. That man was still in the driveway. Come to find out it was his stepdad’s brother. I felt like that old man was greedy and got a kick out of my lil outfit. He was one of them old man perv’s. I just felt like he was looking me up and down. We had spoke to his stepdaddy but he was working on the car so he wasn’t too much paying us any attention.

We go in the house and end up going to the den. The stepdad comes in and we’re formally introduced. Stepdad was real cool people’s. So we’re in the house for a while and I could tell based off of his phone call with his mom that she was on her way home :\. I was really kind of nervous to meet the mom because I got the vibe that the mom was a trip. I wasn’t ready for that momma when she walked in. She had on some big sunglasses, blonde streaks, a fur vest, some fitted ripped jeans, and some heels. Momma was JAZZY. Momma was just my speed. She was EXTRA just like I tend to be.So after that I wasn’t too shamed about my lil outfit I was like the momma might actually like it..LMAO So I ended up meeting the momma along with an auntie of his.

His parents were real welcoming. I can’t count how many times we were asked if we were joining them for dinner. I would just always look at him like I’mma let you take care of that. But it wasn’t bad at all. We kind of vibed as well it wasn’t like we were just standing around looking at each other we made a lil small talk. I actually felt very comfortable around the parents. When I left me and the momma even hugged.;)

All of a sudden he got the idea for us to go bowling. So we were off to the bowling alley. He beat me the first game. We made a bet for the second game. Since we were still pretty full from brunch the loser had to buy drinks and dessert. I lost by 6 points. Y’all know I’m competitive so I was not happy. So we were off to bj’s for drinks and dessert. So at the restuarant I brought up the conversation that he started to have earlier like so we never finished our conversation. So then we just started talking about relationships and he expressed how at times he felt like the title complicated things. He was just saying he didn’t want any surprises. I asked if I had given him any reason to expect any surprises as if all of a sudden I was gonna turn into a different person. He said no and I assured him that I’m NOT crazy…(whispers… let’s hope he never has to see the crazy side)

He asked if I was ready. I said I think I’m ready. He said so you think you’re ready as in you’re not for sure. So I said I’m sorry I have a habit of saying think but I know I’m ready. So at first he was acting like he was bout to get on one knee.. I do NOT like attention so I was like if you don’t get up. I was like if you do that I’m bout to get up and go to the bathroom. Luckily, he didn’t go all the way with it so I didn’t have to run off to the bathroom but he was like so I could never propose in public. I was like this is different. This is not a proposal.

But he grabbed my hands and started looking me in the eyes. He said would you do the honor of giving all of yourself to me as we move to the next step in our journey. He was like all I ask is that if you ever feel like I’m not the one then let me know and don’t string me along. He was like I ask that you communicate with me at all times. He said if its something that I do that gets on your nerves let me know. He had said some other stuff but I can’t remember what all it was. So I said it would be my pleasure to give you all of me Mr. Wright. And he was just like Mrs. Wright you are officially off the market. So ya girl is officially taken :).

So while we were finishing up with our drinks he got a text message from a friend asking if he wanted tickets to University of Louisville’s basketball game that was actually just starting. So we were on our way to get the tickets. Once we got to his friends I was officially introduced as the gf *wink* *wink* and then his friend’s girlfriend started talking to me while him and his friend were chatting it up….(*Disclaimer* Soooo the boyfriend went to high school with a bunch of 2520’s. I promise everytime we’re out it’s a 2520 popping up to speak to him. And in case y’all didn’t know..I really don’t too much partying and hanging with the 2520’s like that. So pray for me because I can already see me being forced to expand my horizon with this dude) So his friend was black but the gf was white but I did really good conversing with her… I pretty much found out this girls life story within 5 minutes..*tmi to all of the info she was telling me*

So now we’re off to the game. He’s a big fan so he was really into the game. I was just along for the ride. He keep saying I’mma have to become a fan. I keep telling him I’mma be neutral. So after the game we head to this lil food spot that’s pretty much well known in his city….. It’s after 11 and then we finally head back to his parents. We say our goodbyes then I’m off to meet my friends.

I had already planned to stay in Louisville for the night at my friends. I was going to church with the girls and we were gonna grab lunch afterwards. He had asked me to come see him again before I headed back home. Since I had to pass the parents house to get home then I went ahead and stopped. Me and the stepdaddy was chopping it up about the restaurant Fridays out of all things. I love it. He love it. So we had a great conversation about what we like from there. The stepdaddy was about to leave and I got a kick out of him saying I’ll see y’all when I get back. And of course I got asked if I was joining them for dinner. Why they keep trying to feed me???? So me and the Mister are just kind of sitting there watching tv… He had used my camera the night before and wanted to upload the pics on the computer. But he wanted to upload them on the computer that was upstairs. He talking about come upstairs with me. I said ummmmm no!!!!!!!! I will not be going up them steps with you. Just my luck your momma gonna come back and think I’m fast cause I’m upstairs with you. Ummm no. True enough the computer is upstairs in the entertainment room but still ain’t nobody bout to find me upstairs with him…That is NOT HAPPENING!!!!!! EVER!!!!!! I was probably over there for like 45 minutes…He had taken some benadryl because he wasn’t feeling well and I needed to go home and pack…..So it was a short visit. I was in and out.

That about sums it up!!!!!!!! Long story short: 80s got a boyfriend now :). It’s officially been a lil over 5 weeks since this man has walked through my front door and I’m still as happy as ever. 🙂

I was cracking up Sunday morning when I woke up and noticed that he had our pic as our profile pic…I was like my mister is GREEEDDDDYYY for that and I told him he was greedy for that too… I also gave him the warning that I’m not changing my relationship status until I’m engaged. So facebook will not be knowing from my end that I’m in a relationship. Ha Ha.. I noticed that his is changed… I’m laughing at him. Like dang, babe you ain’t waste no time….

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  1. V Renee
    November 22, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    AWWWWWWWWWW SH*T!!! Blow the mofo whistle. Ha! That’s what I like to hear.

    *doing my happy dance* Go 80s Go 80s Go 80s!!!!

    She had on some big sunglasses, blonde streaks, a fur vest, some fitted ripped jeans, and some heels .

    Go Mama Wright!!!! LOL!

    Sounds like it was a fun weekend! You then met the parental units AND grandparents. I’m liking the sounds of this 🙂

    I like “My mister”. Too cute.

  2. ms80sbaby
    November 22, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    Thanks V!!!!

    She actually Mama Moore….. But she is too jazzy and I love it…..

    But if I would have known I was doing all of that I would have probably dressed more appropriately. I thought we were doing brunch and then we were going our seperate ways…. Next time I’mma be more prepared….But heck I’m already part of the family… ;).. .LOL

    You ain’t bout to see me nowhere talking about me and the boyfriend.. .Ummm no.. It’s gonna be me and my mister..lol

  3. November 22, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    Glad you had a good weekend with your boo.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

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