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Ball of emotions

I’m really trying to work on my post about my weekend with the mister which was great by the way……But on Saturday night my daddy called me and stated that my great grandmother was declining and they didn’t know whether she was going to make it thru the night….So that pretty much kind of put a damper on my spirits…

The boo noticed it and on Sunday he just kept asking me if I was okay.. I like to deal with death in private. So I just shut down on him and pretty much became a mute as I started to accept the reality of the situation….Once we said our goodbyes… .I headed to Ohio to be with my family. But this just brought back emotions from dealing with this not soo long ago….I reopened wounds that weren’t all the way healed.

Sunday actually ended up being a good evening. I visited with my family and told them all about my trip to New York. I sat with my great grandma and I got my closure. She didn’t look bad at all which made me more at ease. Unlike my Ruthie who started looking nothing like herself towards the end. I’m okay with it. She’s 100 years old. She can’t live forever. That would be selfish of me to expect her too.

So yesterday as I was preparing to drive back to Ohio to come to work. We got a phone call saying that she was declining and she was about to go…So I let my daddy use my car to get over there… I ended up calling off and staying home.

She’s still here. Today is my daddy’s birthday. I don’t know if today is her day or not. But if it is I’mma need to start praying for my daddy now…He already nuts. And losing his grandma on his birthday may make him even crazier….

Keep my family in your prayers….


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