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GNO 2010 was Grrreeeaaattttttttttt

So this year our GNO trip was $500.00. We had an idea of where we were going but they kept trying to fool us. Mainly because they kept saying we needed our birth certificates or a passport. Initially, some of the girls were thinking we were going on a cruise. To be honest I really didn’t put too much thought into where we going. I just knew I would find out initially.

So this year the planners added a different spin to it. Since all the girls were staying at my house on homecoming the planners were sneaky and placed these magnets that told us what to pack on my refrigerator:

They were also different because they sent text messages counting down til the day GNO started. As well as postcards in the mail and reminders via email. They kept the anticipation going.

But anywho, last Wednesday GNO 2010 was finally here… We were to all meet at my friends house in Cincinnati between 9 – 9:30 p.m. I ended up catching a ride with one of the planners who was leaving from KY. So I ended up getting there early and was confined to a 6 year old’s room for some hours while they were still preparing… 😦 Other folks started to arrive and they all were sent upstairs with me…LOL Finally they let us come downstairs and we took off running to officially begin GNO. They had 8 X 10 pictures set up of us around her mantle along with cute lil plaques. Here’s an example:

This one read “What happens with the girlfriends, stays with the girlfriends…The one next to my picture said accessories are a girl’s best friend. Everyone knows how much I love my accessories.

They also gave us our first piece of GNO mail for the evening. It’s a lil blurry but they pretty much told us to unwind and take a load off.
Along with dinner, we were having a movie and game night. I’m the bomb in Taboo and since it was an uneven number of use I played for both teams. They also had prepared a sundae bar for us.

Once we winded down for the evening they presented us with a bag of goodies…They gave us each a warm fleece blanket, a picture frame that was filled with pictures from the previous GN0, and an oil warmer. They also had other lil goodies that we could pick out.

They woke us up Thursday morning and told us to put on long sleeve black tees. Once we got dressed they told us to bring our suitcases downstairs and they proceeded to load them up. (the night before one of the planners had said something about Detroit so they kept acting like we were going to Detroit..Some of the girls believed it. I wasn’t buying it because I knew they wouldn’t just be mentioning it like that if we were really going) Before we left they gave us a lil bag that was filled with some snacks for our upcoming travel.

Once at the airport they gave us a t-shirt and told us don’t open them yet. So once they gave us the go ahead we opened our shirts and surprise surprise we’re going to NEW YORK. Instead of saying I love New York…It said I love My Divas:

Here’s a pic of all us in our shirts:

While we were waiting for our plane we played an old school game of UNO and left our mark at the Cincinnati Airport. Sooo many people came up to us wondering what the occasion was. Once it was finally time to board the plane the planners presented us with some some reading material. It was a magazine that they had created. It consisted of different information including the mentioning of significant events that have happened since our college friendships, the top music that is out right now, and all of our bios. It also gave a sneak peek into the weekend with a few clues.

Check out the flight attendant reading our magazine:

Once we arrived in NYC we were riding around in style. They had arranged for a limo to pick us up. Our first stop was Carlos’ Bakery to pick up a cake from the cake boss in Jersey. It was one of the girls birthday so that was the reason behind the cake. That line was crazzzzyy. But luckily since they had called ahead we were able to head straight inside without waiting. Of course folks were mad and once they inquired why we didn’t have to wait they were simply told we preordered our cake.. 😉 Check us out outside of the Bakery:

After that it was time to go check into our hotel and get ready for the comedy show that evening. Kevin Hart was hilarious and I highly recommend for you to check him out. After the show it was still pretty early so we went to Time’s Square and ate at Planet Hollywood. By that time we were all pooped since we had been up since 6:30 so we called it a night and headed on back to the hotel.

Friday morning we bashed on our hotel’s breakfast. It was YUMMY!!! Not continental but the real deal! Since we had some time we ventured out by our hotel and took some pictures. Our hotel was not too far from ground zero so we went down there and paid our respects.

Next up was a trip to a bridal shop. We love a certain show involves brides finding that perfect dress. Well, that’s the shop that we went to. Only problem is ummmm none of us are engaged…So I was chosen to be the fake bride since I’m acting like me and the Mister are on the fast track. So I borrowed my friend’s wedding ring because we wanted this to be believable. We were really into character. That woman got me back in the room and asked how did I vision myself as a bride. I just started going: Ohhhh, I’m not for sure which style fits my body type however, I’m open to recommendations. I explained that my biggest concern was my big bbobies and I wanted the type of dress that minimized them as opposed to propping them up on a platter. I told her I was plain but I wanted a lil pop of something to grab folks attention. Not too much pop. But just a lil pop. I also said I wouldn’t mind trying a one sleeve.

Gosh darnit. That woman said I have the perfect dress for you. And once I slid that dress on I was in looooovvvee. It was no more being into character. Even my friends were caught off guard and was like 80’s that is your dress. I couldn’t stop smiling and looking at myself in the mirror. So then the lady says come out here. So then she takes me out in the middle of the store in front of everybody and they’re all looking and smiling…. The designer of the dress was actually in there and he comes up to me and finds me the perfect headpiece which I absolutely fell in love with as well. It was a headband and y’all know I’m a headband kind of gal. They even gave me a bouquet. I was seriously up there looking like a bride. That dress had me glowing and all of my friends were just in awe as well. My eyes were watering and I seriously did not want to take that dress off. I always envisioned myself as changing into a short lil dress for my reception but that dress had me changing my mind. I was like I want to be in this dress the entire night!!!!! That was my dress. If I was crazy I would have got that dress ( but I’mma have to write another blog entry about that dress and the experience because that’s a whole another story) So then we had to get back into character because I ain’t crazy and I wasn’t buying no wedding dress.

So after that experience we grabbed a bite to eat then headed to Madison Square Garden. We were trying to see the Knicks play. Unfortunately, nobody scalpers had enough tickets for us to sit together. We wanted to be together and not scattered all over the place. So we passed and headed to the infamous Macys on 34th street. Macys and getting lost on the subway on the way home wore us out so once we made it in we were in for the night.

Saturday morning the planners surprised us with a trip to Harlem…. And we toured the Apollo. We had a great time at Apollo. The tour guide who is known as Mr. Apollo was hilarious. During our tour he allowed us to have a fake amateur night. So we got up there and performed. And we made sure we rubbed the hope stump to give us good luck.Check us out during our performance:

After Apollo we ventured out into Harlem and checked out this museum. Sorry but I don’t know how to spell it and I don’t want to mess that name up. But I enjoyed it. After the museum we had to eat at a soul food restuarant in Harlem and everybody was recommending this placed called Jacob’s and it was GOOOD!!!! After Harlem we ventured back down to Times Square to shop. By this time everybody’s feet were hurting so we headed back to rest up before we went out.

Errrrruuuummm what turned into a nap ended up us being in for the rest of the night. But this guy from the area who went to school with us ended up coming to our hotel to visit. So we just chatted it up with him and that was our night. Then it was time for everybody to start packing up because the next morning we were heading HOOOOOMMMMMEEEE!!!!

It was a great trip. One of the significant things on the trip that I will never forget is one of my friends just couldn’t get herself together on Friday morning. On Thursday night we knew she was lil upset that we didn’t go out but we just figured she would get over it. Well on Friday morning she still wasn’t herself. So me and another girl proceeded to talk to her and she just busted out crying. So I instantly said let’s pray. I asked that God removed whatever is troubling her and I asked that he take off some of weight and allow us to help carry her load. This particular friend is always the strong one and we’re trying to tell her that she can’t carry the world on her shoulder. Anyhow we let her still kind of lay in the bed and we proceeded to get dressed. Some other girls checked on her. Then eventually she came out the room and once somebody asked was she feeling better the tears started flowing again. It was at the moment we all formed a circle, grabbed hands, and proceeded to pray again. Knowing that it’s not one particular situation, but just a multitude of things going on in her life there was nothing else to do except pray. I feel like that moment just strengthened our bond even more. We weren’t harrassing her so she would tell us what all she’s going through. It was more so WE are here to help you get through.

But I believe that sums up our trip and now it’s my turn to help with the planning. We’re starting to rack our brains already because we know this last one just may be hard to beat!!!!!! Another reason I enjoyed the trip so much was that we didn’t overdo it. So we didn’t come back exhausted and needing a vacation from the last vacation. We did just enough. We had a ball. 🙂

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  1. V Renee
    November 11, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    OMG!! This sounds like a wonderful time!!!!!!!! I absolutely love the magazine, gift bags, the sisterhoodness of the whole trip, the comedy show, the praying together, game playing, all of it!!!!

    Oh and I want to see the pics of you in the wedding dress!

    This seriously sounded like a great time. I ♥ the idea of GNO! Oh and ya girls golden boots, loves them!

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