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9 more days…..

I have 9 more days until I see my boo and I can’t wait…..It has officially been a little over 2 weeks and everything is still progressing right along. I’m sooooo looking forward to seeing him. This previous weekend I happened to see my friend’s car over her mom’s house so I stopped to chat it up with my friend. Her mom came out the house and was like 80’s you got a man??? I was like unh??? She talking about it’s something different about you. She said that I seemed different..She said I was acting different and just had an extra lil bounce in my step. My friend was like yeah she do got a lil glow about herself and she proceeded to blast my lil boo out to her momma…

But he keeps me smiling and I’m sooo on cloud nine. Everything is still so natural. It’s easy. It’s effortless. It soothes me. It puts me at ease. Believe me I can go on and on and on about this man. He’s patient with me. He compliments me. He has a sense of humor. Thank God about that because people stay blasting me out on facebook about him…..But he just laughs about it and joins in on the fun. He is truly amazing and more than I could have ever known to ask for. All in all it’s been a great 2 1/2 weeks.

He proceeded to tell me about his conversation with his cousin and how he possibly has found the one. We got a good laugh when I said so what did he say after you told him it’s been all of 2 whole weeks…

I’m steady falling for Mr. Wright!!!!!! And he loved my cougar Halloween costume!!! 😉

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