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So it has officially been 9 days and we are just progressing right along. I really don’t think I’ve EVER been this excited about someone so soon… But this was definitely soooooo unexpected. On Saturday he hit me with a question that was a GREAT question. He said since I’ve been single for a while do I consider myself relationship material?? Meaning will I be able to easily give up it just being all about me!!!! Good question boo!!!!!!! I explained that I did and I felt as though my singleness has only more prepared me for when the relationship comes.

We still are talking at the least 2 hours a day. And the crazy thing is the conversation continues to be nonstop. We never run out of things to talk or text about. Right now it sucks because I’m not able to see him like I would like to. But both of us were looking for someone with some patience so we keep reminding each other that we just gotta be patient. He’s in school during the day and works 4 -11 evenings Monday through Friday. Yeah, we could probably squeeze in time once he gets off of work but you gotta think about the commute and all that other stuff so we’re just going to stick to the weekends. I’ve explained to him that I never had a need to stay in Ky so my next couple of weekends were booked up. But as of now we’re planning to see other on Veterans Day. Because I’m off work and he doesn’t have class that afternoon. So I’m pretty much counting down the days. But in the meantime we’re steady getting to know each other from a distance so I can’t wait to see how it’s gonna be once I see him again… And hey we’re already passed the church hug stage. lol

But long story short this man is INCREDIBLE. I’m loving it……. The only way I know how to describe it is by saying that I thank God for blessing me with what He felt I needed because this surpasses what I possibly could have ever wanted……

And the love story continues………

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