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My Mr. Wright literally walked through my front door… (Read 2nd)

So I had mentioned that my married ex was supposed to be coming to Homecoming and it’s funny because at the last minute he changed his mind… But anywho I’m bout sick of him anyway… He’s getting on my damn nerves….So I’m glad he didn’t come..

But anywho on Saturday evening a group of guys had came over. I’m assuming this other guy who was over told them to come over. So this random group ended up coming over. I knew of them but didn’t really know them for real. I noticed this one guy when he first walked in because he reminded me of someone else.. I really didn’t pay him too much attention…. He was really quiet and I had never seen him before so I was just playing host making sure he was straight.

I don’t even remember everything but I know at one point he just stayed standing in the kitchen then eventually I grabbed him a chair so he could join us in the dining room…. Somehow we eventually ended up sitting by each other and started chatting and he was asking who cooked what and we were just making small talk. I still wasn’t necessarily thinking nothing of it. So at a point during the evening I get the idea to take a picture with him and me being the flirt that I am decides to hop on his lap. ( I keep looking at the picture cracking up like man, you would have never thought that I just met this man)

So me and my girls can be flirts…. So we had music playing and some people move to the living room including my new guy… Well let me go ahead and just show the outfit that I had on for one… A lot of guys who had came over were really feeling my boots and the fact that my ripped jeans gave off the illusion that I had on fishnets underneath them. And all these guys are really just like homeboys so I know it’s just a compliment and that’s it. But I felt like I was working it!!!!

But anywho so that was the outfit that I had on….And I was being flirtacious in it… Y’all know I think I was a stripper in my former life anyway so I was playfully acting like I was bout to give my new guy a lap dance… So I just kind of danced playfully towards him and before I knew it he had picked me up and had me in his lap. He kind of whispered like I told you to quit playing with me…. All of us girls were like DAMN!!!!!! It was so effortlessly. He was sitting down and still managed to manhandle me like that. He caught me so off guard but *whispers* darnit I liked it… So after that all awkwardness went out the window and it was kind of like well hmmmmmm…..

When he was leaving we exchanged numbers and he called me later on telling me to call him once I made it to the hotel…. At the hotel I ended up spotting him so we practically talked all night. One time I had walked up to him and he mentioned to the person that was next to him she’s gonna be my wife. I had kind of been sipping all day so I only remember bits and pieces of the conversation. He asked if I went to church. After vibing I had remembered I didn’t know how old he was. So I finally asked and my response was 25???? as in what in the heck am I gonna do with a 25 year old. But he confirmed that he may be 25 but he has stuff together. But we just seemed to hit it off really well so I ignored the age. He ended up walking us back to our car and we were holding hands and as we were parting I kissed him on the cheek. *gasp* You’ve just read that correctly. Yes.. Me the church hugger gave somebody a kiss on the check.

That night he had accidentally called me so I just texted back like ummm I don’t think you meant to call me… He was like I didn’t but do you want me to. Then he mentioned that he wanted to see me before he headed back to Louisville tomorrow.. I was like well tomorrow might be better because you know I’m deep over here right now.

Lo and behold he called me and came back over on Sunday. All my company had just left and I still had my pj’s on. He was super close to seeing me with my scarf on. But I went ahead and took it off and stuck some earrings in.. LOL Too bad he couldn’t stay that long. He had somebody riding with him back home and they were being impatient. But the lil 20 minutes he stayed were cool. We continued to vibe. And I couldn’t keep my hands off of him… He was sitting on the couch and I just kind of kept poking him.. LOL

So that night he texted me like you ain’t want me to leave huh? I was like nope and I even think you wanted to stay longer. His response I really didn’t want to leave didn’t expect to meet a woman of your caliber. U got my full and undivided attention. *SWWWWWOOOOOONNNNN*

So he asked me what kind of qualities I was looking for in a companion..And I just shot out a couple like honest, driven, family oriented, financially responsible, know what he want as far not into games, and patient.. His response was u must be describing me… This is the qualities he’s looking for: A woman of God, patient, not full of herself, outgoing, encouraging, kind ,family family family oriented is really huge for me, good personality, funny, spontaneous, classy, and responsible... I was like if you ain’t described me to a T..

So on Sunday night we ended up talking 2 hours on a phone. Great conversation. Considering I enjoyed the conversation so much I texted him and told him that I enjoyed talking to him. He texted me back conversation was very refreshing, hope there’s many more to come, u got me over here smiling all big. lol sweet dreams… Swooning again

But this is probably the craziest thing. I had just randomly told him that I’ve been wanting to see Just Wright so I finally ended up watching it last night. How about my new boos last name is WRIGHT and you know Common’s last name in the movie was McKnight… I was like ummm that’s a hell of a coincedence and the timing of it as well. So he’s like you’ve met Mr. Wright literally..and then proceeds to say must be a sign Mrs. Wright….He takes it further and says that it must be a sign that our paths were meant to cross at this exact time.

So we ended up talking last night once he got off of work. We were on the phone for 4 freaking hours and it was nonstop communication. Come to find out he’s been abstaining since his last relationship. So of course I had to apologize for dancing in front of his face.. I didn’t know.. *kanye shrug* or *evilish grin* And he’s not interested in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship. He only wants to make that relationship step if he feels like that’s who God placed in his life to be his wife.

He also told me that with his last relationship he feels like he rushed into things so he doesn’t want to do that this time around. He wants us to build a solid friendship first. (Y’all know that’s my thing) He said that he knows the lust is already there from our encounter at the house where he picked me up. But he’s like he doesn’t want to build anything off of that alone.

He definitely makes me blush because he stated that I was dangerous because he already wanted to know all there is to know about me. He senses that I’m genuine and there’s an innocence about me thats attracting him to me….

It’s funny cause he’ll occassionally say Mrs. Wright ohhh I’m sorry Mrs. McKnight on the phone…. So there was picture that somebody took of us on Saturday night so I sent it to him like The Wright’s…. Ooops I mean Mr. Wright and Ms. McKnight… He responded that’s a nice pic The Wright’s are looking good together.. .Here’s the picture:

Too late I took the pic off!!!!!!!!

I’ve known this man since Saturday and everything has just been soooo easy. And the craziest thing is that he literally walked through my front door when I least expected it. So right now I don’t know where this is going to lead. But I can’t wait to find out. We have sooo many things in common and I can already feel that he has a nonjudgmental vibe so I find myself opening up to him already. Which is huge for me.

I read the Essence Wedding Stories and I’ve always wondered what my story would be like… Would it be love at first sight? Would it catch me off guard? How would it be? I can honestly say that I’m just falling for this man the more I talk to him. It’s easy… It’s refreshing. It’s comforting. I know that it’s only been a couple of days but I’m feeling really good about this. Everything is just effortless and natural :).

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  1. V Renee
    October 19, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    Me the church hugger gave somebody a kiss on the check. .

    STOP THE MUTHAFING PRESSES! Ms 80s baby kissed somebody on the cheek?!?!? Ms 80s who hates for people to hug her therefore I make it a point to hug her everytime I see her not only hugged this man, but gave him a lap dance AND kissed him on the cheek. Oh Hellz Naw! I’m liking this already. Ha!

    It’s easy… It’s refreshing. It’s comforting. .

    And that’s the way it SHOULD be! Some things feel right from the start. And I say roll with it until the wheels fall off 🙂

    80s I am seriously over here grinning from ear to ear. I’m hitting the *like* button 10 times.

    Ummmm and yall are looking right together. He’s a cutie. Yall look cute together. I don’t think I’ve heard you talk so excitedly about a man before…..even with your old man boo. Lol

  2. ms80sbaby
    October 19, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    not only hugged this man, but gave him a lap dance AND kissed him on the cheek.

    @V….It was HOMECOMING…That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it….Homecoming will make you do some STRANGE things…. He technically didn’t get the lap dance because he picked me up too fast… Ha!!!

    Awwww thanks for hitting the like button…..I really can’t say that I’ve experienced anything like this before…Especially so soon. And the weird thing as soon as something negative pops into my head he’ll actually mention something that would counteract what I was thinking… Like I was kind of skeptical considering he had already been over my house, I was teasing with the lap dances and stuff so I thought he may try to be on some of that expecting sex mess…. But he cleared that thought once I found out that he’s abstaining….

    I really can’t even explain it….. I seriously don’t think I’ve ever felt like this ever… So maybe thats why I sound so excited….

    I just texted him and told him thanks for keeping me smiling and he said that’s my job, not matter what as long as you’re happy…

    I’m over here smitten FOR REAL!!!!!

  3. V Renee
    October 19, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    Awwww this is sooooo cute! Well I wish yall the best of luck. And hope that he keeps you smiling!

  4. October 19, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    oh he is cute!!! (and im not lyin) lol. I agree with V I have never heard you talk about a man this way!!!

    I think its fantastic!! and you always working them outfits!!

    he looks so sweet like awww wanna pinch his cheeks sweet lol

  5. L.P.
    November 9, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    Awwwwwwwww! Glad to be back to the blogosphere to such great news!! Will be enjoying watching y’all grow and stuff.

    And you were looking fierce! 😉

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