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Best Homecoming Ever (Read this one first)

So this past weekend was my homecoming and I had a ball as usual. I’m so glad the weekend has come and gone because I was tired of cleaning…I cleaned my house from top to bottom. Mainly because ain’t nobody bout to catch me slipping and I knew I was having people staying with me and I knew I was having people over…

So in total it was 9 people including me who stayed at my house….6 adults and 3 kids. My apt is really spacious so it ended up working out…. But everyone started to arrive at about 8 or so on Friday… We started off with Applebee’s. A Frankfort ritual then it was time to get dressed for the party on Friday night… .Unfortunately the party Friday night was WIGGIDY WIGGIDY WACK… And what really sucks is that our picture was on the flyer so people were thinking it was our party. I was quick to correct that. Ummm no we’re just on the flyer.

So we ended up leaving there super duper early. And on Saturday we woke up early and prepared breakfast for everybody and then it was time to head to the game. I personally don’t think a lot of people came back this year… But we snuck in the game as usual and had a decent time…It was good seeing the few folks I did see. It was a whole bunch of people that I didn’t see.

Next stop was to finish getting setup for the house party. Which of course ended up being a lot of guys as usual. My momma even called me after seeing pics on facebook like dag you had a bunch of people over to your place. But it was fun of course. It was like the first crowd of guys left and then it was another group that came over… The 2nd group included some randoms…. But they were cool peoples so we enjoyed their company…We invite girls they just don’t show up. *Kanye shrug* We actually had too much liquor.. We had just enough food and too much alcohol. I thought it was funny because we bought all kind of Corona’s and our bottle opener was a stilleto. The guys did not want to use our bottle opener for nothing. They didn’t think it was very masculine. And we had that old R&B music playing in the background. Our music selection was a hit even though we got accused of playing baby making music.

Then that night it was time to go to the Capital Plaza…See there’s not actually a party on Saturday. It’s moreso a ritual for everybody to go to the lobby of the hotel and just hang out…You just spend the night socializing…and taking pictures.


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