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It’s been a lot going on with me……..

So a couple of Sunday’s me and the old potential went and grabbed a bite to eat…. Ya know the one I went to church with. He was good company. I enjoyed myself. We’ve been communicating more and more lately via text and bbm. Some of his conversations have me scratching my head. For example, he said you stay moving when you slow down you might find ur prince charming. So my response is who said I gotta slow down to find him. His response was you move too fast or he might have already caught you. My friend says that he’s throwing subtle hints… I’m oblivious like is he???? And then I guess he verified that yesterday because when we were texting he was like slow down so I can catch up. So hmmmmmm on that one….. But I don’t know….We’re still communicating though….

The Flowers.
I was REFUNDED my money on them weak flowers I posted a pic of last week…I sent that pic and it was all she wrote. They were begging to send another arrangement to make up for it. My response no thank you GIVE ME MY MONEY. * I had bought another plant to give to my momma. One that I actually went to a florist and picked out. During my tribute at my momma’s party I apologized for them other flowers since her coworkers were there and gave her the new one*

Today starts my homecoming weekend. So far I have about 9 folks staying with me. 3 our kids. We gonna make it work. I figure 2 adults in each bed. 2 adults on my sectional. 1 kid on my chaise. And then the two other kids on these 2 twin air mattresses that I have…… So it should be fun times…. Tonight me and the ladies are hosting an alumini party.. I’m hoping that it’s fun and we better get complimentary drinks… LOL After the football game I plan on having a lil shin dig at my house just like last year. I’m expecting great times. And the married ex is going to be in town. This should be real interesting. Yesterday, he told me that he was going to behave so we weren’t allowed to hug. I said so we gonna give each other hi-fives and he said no. All he want us to do is wink… Wink?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WTF… He say that now but when he see me it’s going to be a whole different situation. So we shall see…

My Momma’s Birthday Bash
Thank God we had my momma’s bday party on Friday. A lot of people weren’t able to attend because it was on a Friday and we had a home football game. If it would have been on Saturday it would have been a crazy overflow of folks. Even on the Friday she had over 300 people at the party. There were quite a few people who showed up at the dinner so I say she had at least about 400 people there. But the party was EXCELLENT. Even though I hate the process of chair covers. I can slap my aunt who rents linen because that means I’m usually the one helping with the set up. So we covered over 300 chairs as well as tied the sashes around them. But the placed looked really nice. Then my other aunt does decorations so I was running around helping her out. My momma had her a mini reception. The DJ was excellent!!!!!! The one during dinner and the program as well as the one for the actual party. All of the tributes were great. My daddy had me crying and my sister had me bawling. They were very emotional. My sister was so embarrassed and she said the talk of the town is that she a crybaby because people kept texting and stopping her like I heard you got up there and bawled… LOL But all in all my momma had a great birthday party and she is still on cloud nine.

Central State’s Homecoming
Central State’s homecoming was this past weekend and I attended with my sister. At the party on Saturday it was sad though. I looked up and one of their friends were crying because she was missing their friend Miss Jones. She was just like this is soooo hard. Then Miss Jones cousin came over there and noticed their friend crying and she got on her like noooooo we ain’t gonna be on that tonight… She was holding up good.. But then later on in the evening I noticed she was wiping tears as well. I nudged my sister like she crying. I can’t imagine what they were going through though. Miss Jones was a significant part of their college years so of course they’re missing her presence. RIP Miss Jones.

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