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My heart is heavy……

So I was out and about in my hometown on Saturday evening and I seen a guy from undergrad.We spoke and then he proceeded to tell me about a situation regarding one of my best friends baby daddy’s. Now he went on to tell me the story and it was crazy!!!! Like I was in shock after hearing it. But there were a lot of holes in the story so I refrained from even taking the story to my best friend.

A lil background on my best friend and her baby daddy. They met our freshman year of college. He is one of those dudes that have a never meet a stranger personality. But at the same time he has an OFF side. Just from the stories with him and my best friend I knew he was OFF…. He was grimey. Like I mean GRIMEY. He was the type to turn on people close to him. For example, one night I got a phone call from a mutual friend regarding him and they told me that he had ended up shooting this dude (a FRIEND) in the neck. So I’m franctic and calling my best friend to make sure she straight. Luckily, she was at work and SAFE. But she was like what is going on people keep calling me.

By that time she was already pregnant by him. She had her daughter January 2004. He still remained a part of their lives. Kind of from a distance though because the day of graduation (May/2004) she packed up and headed back home. Initially, my friend wanted her child to have a relationship with her daddy. She was on it as far wanting him to be a part of their daughter’s life. But that didn’t last too long. Right now their daughter is 6 and she is not studdin’ her daddy one bit. We were in the car and the lil girl was on her phone with her daddy and he asked what she was getting him for father’s day and she said nothing. She said you ain’t get me nothing for my birthday. She was not told to say this or anything. She said this on her own… I was shocked. Right now she has her daddy’s last name and when you say her full name she quick to correct you and tell you that’s not her last name and she mention her momma’s last name.

But anywho back to the story at hand…So yesterday I’m on fb and I see somebody post they heard my friends baby daddy is being charged for murder… I was lurking on that page to see if anybody had anything to say. I ended up sending dude an message. He wrote me back and sent me a link to the article. It was a true. He was officially indicted.

On August 2, a woman was found dead in the parking lot of a funeral home. Unfortunately, the woman had been shot multiple times. The truck was noticed in the parking lot but it wasn’t uncommon for random cars to be parked there when events were going on downtown. So people weren’t suspicious initially. It wasn’t until they noticed bullet holes in the car and decided to peek into the truck after it had been sitting a few days. The truck was noticed Saturday and she was found on Monday morning.

I’m having a hard time accepting him as a murderer. True enough I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THIS MAN IS CERTIFIED NUTS. However, I just can’t see him flat out killing that woman. But I CAN see him leaving her for dead. I feel like this. He’s been in trouble numerous times before and if he was gonna have to choose doing the right thing and getting help for her or his freedom. He was choosing his freedom instead of connecting himself to this.

Weird thing is although the truck had bullet holes no blood was found in the truck. So where the heck was she shot???? And she was found in the driver’s seat. So someone deliberately drove her dead body or dying body to the parking lot and placed her in the driver’s seat.??Was it my friend’s baby daddy? Possibly? Even though I don’t necessarily think he was the one who pulled the trigger and shot her. I still think he’s the reason why she’s dead. He probably did something he ain’t have no business doing and they went after him for retaliation but ended up getting her….

That’s why it’s very important to watch the company you keep. For example, he used to drive this woman’s truck. What’s to say he ain’t rob somebody while he was in this truck. And unfortunately, this woman lost her life on his behalf. Due to the shady lifestyle that he was living. I strongly believe this woman was killed because of him. And all I could think about was how that could have been my best friend. Or that could have been my best friend’s daugther. I instantly flashed back to college life and how I was around him. The situation hit too close to home.

For the most part, my friend is thinking that could have been her. All I can do is help her pick up the pieces. She’s wondering how she is going to eventually explain this to their child and I don’t even know what to tell her. The situation is sad all the way around. The woman who was killed had young kids. They don’t have a mother anymore because of something stupid.

The woman actually worked for the court system and her coworkers were not taking her death too well. And considering how tightlipped they are regarding this case I really feel like they are about to throw the book at him. So we’ll see what happens. I wonder what will come out. Will he tell what really happened? Admit his responsibility in this? Only time will tell.

I just had a flashback of driving and riding around in his car. Heck, that could have easily been us. Thank you Jesus for allowing us to make it out alive during the time we interacted with him on a daily basis.

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  1. V Renee
    October 4, 2010 at 10:41 am

    Ummm this story sounds ALL types of crazy……. I don’t even know what else to say. 0_0

    I’m nosy, can I see a link to this article?

  2. ms80sbaby
    October 4, 2010 at 11:04 am

    Hey V!!!!!! Here’s a link to one of the articles: http://www.state-journal.com/news/article/4903881

    But it really doesn’t say too much… You’ll be better off doing a search for her name and read those articles that pop up regarding the sad situation.

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