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I just felt like rambling today………….

I think I have become a bit insensitive and I’m gonna need to work on that.

Example 1…
My dad was at a gambling house and it got robbed. Like guns pulled and everything. I guess I didn’t take the situation seriously because he was laughing when he was telling us what happened. So I was laughing when I was telling the story to my sister. She was kind of hysterical like omg….. But yeah regarding the situation I’m still kind of feeling like blah, because my daddy and my uncle’s mentality is that the robbers weren’t there for them so they weren’t phased. SN: I’m just kind of over the whole thing. You still choose to go to the gambling house then if something happens then that’s on you.

Example 2

My sister called me last night and mentioned that she wanted to tell me this story. She proceeds to tell me that she woke up with the cord from her phone charger wrapped around her neck. Like wrapped around a couple of times. I couldn’t help it but I busted out laughing. She was like that is not funny. She had already envisioned herself choking to death on the cord and laying dead in her bed for a few days and nobody having a clue… .I told her to relax and assured her that if she didn’t show up for work I’m sure somebody would have been concerned. I just told her to be more cautious of having the phone w/ her in bed.

True enough this was not a funny situation especially considering we know someone who passed in a similar manner. My aunt’s best friend was suffering from MS and somehow became tangled in her telephone cord. The more she tried to free herself the more tangled she became and ended up dying from strangulation.

Random Pop Ups
So the guy from ATL who I mentioned in the last post is popping up. First he comments on a Facebook status earlier this week. Then he texted me this morning….. Ummmmm dude.. What the hell is this about???????? Ummm yeah!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

My potential from way back when he still hits me up occasionally on BBM. In our last conversation he told me to hit him next time I’m home…Will I????? We shall see. I’m assuming he’ll have more time on his hand since fall is here and not as much landscaping business duties.

So I tried to disappear on the crazy ATL guy….. But I felt so bad whenever he texted me or called me and I wouldn’t answer. Probably because I don’t like how that feels. So I had finally started responded and whenever he texted something crazy I would call him out on it. For example, last Friday he was texting me and I mentioned I was out with my mom. He says telly my mother in law hi. I said ummmm “YOU’RE DOING TOO MUCH”. He replied I was just playing. Naw buddy you really weren’t. So I just pretty much told him to slow his role and he got the hint. I think he’s going to fade out on his own especially considering I ain’t pressed…. That’s perfectly fine. Pressed to see his crazy a$$… ABSOLUTLEY NOT!!!!

The state of the black church

Man, Bishop E Long and them pictures….What would make you take them pictures and send them to anybody…. ABSOLUTE FAIL!!! Them pictures are a HOT A$$ MESS!!!!! He’s going to address these rumors from the pulpit on Sunday…. What a circus that’s going to be…. I mentioned to my sister what if he says I have SINNED!!!! They may not be expecting a confession……..Sad situation all the way around. He’s tarnished from the pictures alone if this is not true. There’s no way he can redeem himself after them pictures.

Reading an article about this situation mentioned another megachurch pastor who I heard years ago and enjoyed his preaching. So after the negative remarks regarding this pastor. I investigated it via the internet. OMG.. You have how many kids out of wedlock during your marriage???? What in the world is going on w/ these ministers????? I remember reading a series of books by Kimberla Lawson Roby regarding and Rev. Curtis Black and his sheningans from the pulpit. Although, the book is fiction it is definitely believable considering what’s going on with these ministers.

I’m SMH. Although, I definitely don’t put my faith in NO MAN. It is very disappointing. I don’t want to say that I’ve put these men on a pedestal. But at the same time I’m definitely looking at their brand. The image that they’ve created and these images are tarnished!!!!!

Ummmmmm….. I think that is all right about now…..


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