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Remember that guy from Atlanta

So I had met a guy in Atlanta when I was there in July…..You know we met while I was out and we exchanged numbers. He seemed very cool. We’ve talked on the phone. We texted. Things were moving right along…… So he knew I was coming to Atlanta for Labor Day Weekend. He was calling me on Thursday like where you at. I thought it was cute. So over the weekend he would call and we would text. He had invited me over his house on Saturday. And although I had been conversing with him for over a month I didn’t care to go over to his house. So I kind of talked my way out of that and invited him to do brunch or something. He had to work on Sunday morning. So that was a no go.

So we were finally gonna be at the same place on Sunday night. I’m not gonna lie. I was excited. I had remember what he looked like but I just wasn’t for sure how our interaction was gonna be. So I seen the back of his head initially. ( Yes his head is just that NOTICEABLE) So I was like okay he’s here. I was outside on one side and seen him heading inside on the other side. We eventually headed inside and I turned around and noticed him standing there. I wasn’t for sure if he was gonna recognize me without the weave so I waved and then headed over to him.

He was like hey….. We hugged. He said I looked nice. He hit me with the you ain’t hit me up and tell me you were coming. And then it was just kind of awkward silence. I felt like I was just standing there. It was very uncomfortable. His body language just wasn’t very welcoming and open. Sooooooo I hit him with the I’ll be back and I made my exit. I went back to where I was standing before him. I found it very odd that he had actually came and kind of stood right behind me but whenever I looked his way he wasn’t making any kind of eye contact. So I was just like okay…… I guess he on that.

It was very WEIRD to say the least. And throughout the rest of the night he walked past me a couple of times and didn’t even look in my direction. So by this time I was really tripping. Like no this ninja ain’t in here on this acting like we haven’t been conversing all weekend. I was instantly turned off. Like soooooo is he expecting me to keep coming up to him. Umm negative. And then I felt like he stayed in a chick’s face so I was just like is this what he be on…. Again turned off. Even my sister was like you gonna go tell your friend bye. I was like Bump him… Uhhhh no!!!!

The whole situation was just crazy to me…. So when I first met him he was a tad bit intoxicated but it wasn’t like a wild unbearable intoxication. He gave off a cool laid back vibe. But I felt like that was a different person on Sunday. A cocky bastard. Just his whole demeanor was ugh!!!!!

So then on Monday night while I’m driving home I get a text from him saying so I guess you didn’t like what you saw. I was looking at my phone with a blank stare. He lucky his number was still even saved in my phone because I was straight bout to delete it. Anywho I texted back like ummm on the road can’t text. So on Tuesday I finally responded to the message and I explained my take on the situation. I simply told him that I when I seen him I went up to him because I didn’t know if he would recognize me and he didn’t seem like he wanted to be bothered. His response was that’s crazy because you told me you were coming back. I never denied the fact that I didn’t come back. I just said I was trying to read him and it didn’t seem to be in my favor. He hit me with the I see how you do. I’m like how I do…… He AGAIN responds with the you told me you would be right back and then went five feet from me then started dancing. You never came back what I was supposed to do. I said I went to the same spot I was at before I seen you. I’m like true enough I never came back but that meant you couldn’t say nothing else to me… .His response I’mma call you later.

Fast forward to a couple hours later…My phone rings and it’s him and he’s still harping on the fact that I never came back. DUDE ARE YOU SERIOUS??????? DID IT SERIOUSLY BOTHER YOU THAT MUCH?????????? I accept responsibility for saying that and never coming back but that didn’t mean you couldn’t say nothing else to me. His thing was he was standing there waiting for me to come back. Dude… Seriously???? And then he went on to say that he never seen me for the rest of the night so he wasn’t aware that he kept walking right past me….. Dude…. are you insecure? I meant what it is it… Why are you tripping? Why did you seriously text me about this mess and then call me about this?????

Needless to say….We haven’t talked since…..*Kanye shrug*

Quick Updates:
The potential….He’s starting to communicate with me more…. Hmmmmm…wonder what’s that about?????
The married ex…Yes you read that correctly. The married ex whose 1 year anniversary is coming up this month has popped up. He texted me…And I texted back. He is still doing the most… Told me that he’s coming to Homecoming and curious of how it’s going to be between us. He’s confident that he’s not going to be out of line. Hmmmm.. Don’t know if I believe him though. Because at the same time he’s wondering if its best that he stay away from me.

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  1. V Renee
    September 15, 2010 at 8:43 am

    I’m all kinds of late, but I am going to go ahead and say that if he was really interested, he would have approached you. That whole situation reeked of b*tchazzness.

    Did your Homecoming already pass? If so, how was it?

  2. ms80sbaby
    September 15, 2010 at 9:14 am

    @V…Thank you because that’s exactly how I felt too….. But I was really staring at that phone like did he really just text me this???? Ohhhh cocky bastard!!! Ugh!!!

    Nope..My homecoming hasn’t passed…It’s next month and I’m soooo excited…I plan to have another shindig at my place so that should be fun… .And the married ex is planning on coming to homecoming….. :/. That should really be interesting…..

  3. September 22, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    LOL. V took the words out of my mouth. Definitely some b*tchazzness going on with that.

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