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Continuation of last post

Ummmmmm my class reunion was kind of pathetic….LOL…..Don’t get me wrong it was good seeing a bunch of those folks. But for the most part it wasn’t well attended by the black folk. So errr ummm yeah it was some of that. I’m not really a title dropper or big on just talking about what I’m doing with myself so I wasn’t going around like so what are you doing now….. My question of the night was are you local and left it at that….LOL

Me and my friends walked up in there with our short lil dresses on looking like these 10 years has been our friends more than anything. Unlike some of those other folk. Some were huge, some looked a lil rough, and some just look like they’ve aged. Of course, before we went we were teasing like we’re going to be overdressed….And what do you know… We were definitely overdressed. But we were overdressed together.. lol

But for the most part the dance floor was my friend so I really wasn’t being all that social. Don’t get me wrong there were a few people and I mean a few who I made sure I went up and spoke too. And these girls were girls who I had a relationships with before high school. They were my soccer teammates from way back. So it was genuine…Like how are you, how’s your sister, how’s your mom….I’m happy I made sure I spoke to them. The other folks I talked to were just kind of around me so we ended up speaking. But suprisingly people really traveled for our reunion. We had classmates from Denver, San Francisco, and Brooklyn…Just to name a few places. Overall, I was glad I went. It could have been a whole lot better though. And I made sure to tell the girl who planned it to include me next time. Not that I’m an expert with the event planning but it needed a lil something something that I know I can provide. I’m thinking of ideas already.

But the highlight of the night….This one chick has always loved attention… They played the perculator. I’m talking about we started clapping and mentioned her name like Go ******, Go ****** and just the fast she put her plate down and was in the middle of the circle doing the splits…We were laughing in our heads like we just set you up and you totally fell for it…..But the funnier thing is one of our classmates wive’s was like I can do that. Next thing we know she was out there perculating too…. LMAO… Right!!!! That 2520 was going in….She was cool though.

Unfortunately, the crush wasn’t there…..I don’t know what happened to him not being in attendance….. 😦

****V…. I seen the pictures from New Orleans and I loved them… I was curious to know how you guys became involved with that. Kudos to you for doing your part!!!! It looked like a lot of work and fun times….Hope you’re reunion is better than mines 🙂

****LP Hey chica!!!!!! You have been busy, busy ,busy!!!!!!!!!! I wish you the best of luck with getting everything finalized for your move back home…I hope we can meet before that happens…. *whispers* V I think we need to plan a trip to Texas!!!!

Oh….Before I forget….Ummmm the potential from way back when has started hitting me up more. I’m not for sure why.. But I’m just going along with it as of now…..

The guy from ATL we’re still communicating. I’m going to ATL next weekend so we’re planning on seeing each other. We’ll see what happens….

And the ex with the baby…Yeah, he’s steady trying to put in work…Strong!!!! And not saying that I even want to deal with the babymama drama and what not but I can say he has definitely been consistent….Funny thing is a couple of weeks ago my momma called me and told me his son was B A D!!!! I was cracking up. The son was attending my church’s vacation bible school. She had me on the phone laughing talking about how she kept thinking about how that was almost her grandson…..FUNNY!!!!!

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  1. September 5, 2010 at 11:26 pm

    At least you all had one. The girl that was supposed to plan ours did everything last minute and most people had other plans so we never really had one. But I’m glad you and ya homies went, stunted on them fools, and had a good time!

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