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Hey Ladies…………

Nothing has been going on in my world…Went out Cincy on Friday night and had a wonderful time. I seen old man boo and to be honest I almost didn’t recognize him. He had been wearing the Rick Ross look in the winter and he cut it off….That man looked at least ten years younger. So now I’m really baffled as to how old that man is. My friend actually recognized him first and I turned into a shy girl so I didn’t go up and speak. But later on that night he seen me and as he walked by he came up and hugged me…..I love him all over again…LMAO I haven’t seen that man since February and I was back on cloud nine just that quick. Yep, he’s going to my forever crush!!! 😉 I’m smiling just thinking about it…. I know I’m crazy!!!!!

On Saturday morning we headed to Chicago. It was just myself, my mom and my sister. We ended up having a great time. My mom is real big on reaching out to family whenever we’re in there city. So our first stop was my momma’s crazy first cousin Linda. Linda is CRRRAAZZZY…When I heard her telling my mom that we should stop by and see her I was shaking my head like momma I don’t feel like getting cursed out today. Lo and behold when we seen her we got cursed. She’s a mess but she keeps me laughing.

My mom is having this huge 50th bday bash in October and that’s one of the reasons we went was to help her find a party dress. She tried on a couple of dresses and I was tickled because this one dress she had on was one strapped. And that strap was little. But she lingered in it for a while and I was like she must really like this dress. My sister was saying she’s not used to seeing her that bare up up. It seem like we went to a million different Macy’s and all of them had different things. But she finally found her dress. So she’s good to go. (When we got home we seen that there was a coupon from Macy’s so you already know they wanted me to do the whole taking it back and rebuying it with the coupon. And of course I was able successfully complete the mission. I’m salty though because a dress that I bought in Chicago wasn’t coupon eligible.)

Ummm anything else….I plan on staying here in the KY for the weekend…..I need some much needed rest. I ain’t doing NOTHING at all….

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!

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