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Another tragedy…………

I was enroute back to the KY yesterday and I recieved a text from a friend saying to call her ASAP. I call her like what’s up thinking it’s really not gonna be anything serious. I heard her saying in between tears that another one of our friend’s mother passed away the previous night in her sleep. I was like wowwwww and really at a loss for words. Because this friend was pretty close to our friend’s mother who had passed away I told her to grieve and I’ll go ahead and pass the word to the rest of the ladies.

I didn’t call or text my friend who had just lost her mother because I really didn’t know what to say. I was just waiting til I seen her. I knew that once I made it back I was hitting the road in the opposite direction to be with her. I made it back to my place about 6. By 6:30 I was on the road heading to check on my friend.

I ended up having to meet my friends at the mall. She was already out the clothing for her mom to be buried in. But the thing that touched me the most was seeing my friends come down the escalator once I met up with them at the mall. The one in the front was the one who’s mom just passed. The friend behind her was the friend who stay in the same city as her and who she’s the closest with. The 2 friends behind them were at the airport in NY when they got the news. And as soon as they touched down in OH they hit the road to head to Louisville. The one behind them was the friend who stays about 45 minutes away in the same city as me. Then there was me who was just on the road for 7 hours. And then they were 2 friends en route. That was powerful. To know that when it mattered most all of us were there. All 8 of us.

I later found out her mom had a massive heart attack in her sleep.

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