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Did ya miss me???????

I guess I have been pretty busy so I haven’t updated you on my life……. Here’s a recap:

The Wedding:
My friends wedding was great. He’s Catholic so it was a Catholic wedding but without the mass. The ceremony was different than what I’m used to because the bridal party was able to sit down. We sat down majority of the ceremony. But my friend was a gorgeous bride. She was stunning!!!!!! The wedding day actually turned out great. She married a 2520 and all of the groomsmen were white except her brother. And guess who walked down the aisle with the only black one? ME? LOL Of course all the other bridesmaids stated that it was rigged since my aunts were coordinating the wedding. LOL 😉 That was funny. But I’m happy for the happy couple. And she has by far given the best bridesmaids gift so far. She gave us all coach wristlets , bottle opener in the shape of a high heel (which is absolutely adorable) and something else. Can’t quite remember..

Spending 4th in Cleveland
That next day me and my sister headed to Cleveland even though we were tired as heck. Once I knew how long my sister was staying for the 4th I recommended that we go check on her friend (Miss Jones cousin/more like sister). This trip to Cleveland was depressing once again. It was just so weird because the entire time I kept waiting for Miss Jones to just make an appearance. It didn’t feel right hanging with her cousin without her. The realization that she was gone really set in during this trip because we definitely missed her presence. I’m still praying for her cousin. It’s almost as if she’s just going in slow motion. She seemed appreciative that we came to check on her but I’m still worried about her. She’s definitely taking it one day at a time. Right now is the time they were supposed to be preparing for the baby’s shower so I’m definitely gonna continue to check on her.

Update on the Potential
So the last post was talking about how the potential didn’t call or text or anything on my birthday. So he finally hit me up on bbm asking how the wedding. And then he goes on to say so what are you doing for your birthday. Are you having your annual birthday party….I kind of hesitated like is he for real.. So I just wrote back like I didn’t have it so I just chilled for my birthday. He then says I didn’t miss your birthday did I…I told him errrummm my bday was on wednesday. He texted back please don’t be mad. I’m a bad friend.Happy belated. My response: Thanks….. And we haven’t talked since. Okay so I may have let him slide about the birthday. However, I feel like at the moment he realized that he missed it he should have picked up the phone to call me and apologize. An apology via bbm is so sincere. NOT! So anyhow considering we haven’t talked in a lil 2 weeks I’mma go ahead and say it’s a wrap on that….

I’m not gonna say that I’m not disappointed behind it. But ya know I had just read the book about the love languages so I was actually open and ready to embrace change. So with that being said I don’t think it’s a total loss. I’m actually looking forward to attempting to speak to someone in their love language. Before the book I was just kind of like this is who I am so deal with it. I wasn’t necessarily willing to compromise unless on my own time. I can definitely still be me but open to some change as well. I was at least willing to give it a try. And I was ready to try with him. But oh well ;)! I’m just looking forward to trying on the next go round. No regrets though. None at all.

Something like a pimp
So this past weekend I went out with my sister’s friend. They went to college together. We had hung out when my sister was here and I told him don’t forget about me when he do stuff. I told him I’ll come and hang. So he invited me and one of my besties out. (One that he exchanged numbers with when we seen them out previously) He mentioned one of his friends was having something at this spot. We were like okay we’re coming. Even though the spot was in 2520’ville. I was expecting his friend who was having something to be black. Nope. She wasn’t white but she definitely wasn’t black. So we’re there and having a great time. I start looking at the girl whose party it was and then my lightbulb went off. I was like that’s his lil boo. So I verified it with him and of course he kinda chuckles and then he’s like yeah that’s her. So I tell my friend like uhhhh that’s his boo. So we were pretty much being dancing machines. I don’t know where his boo went but him and my bestie started dancing. Like into it dancing. And then here comes the boo. I was thinking to myself oh sh*t. But we just all kind of started dancing together. So then boo leaves again. And they start dancing again. By this time it was a wrap on me. I couldn’t enjoy myself because I was too busy trying to look for the boo. I didn’t want her to come see them dancing again. So I felt like I was being the lookout…..

Anywho thing is what in the world would make you take two girls whom one you’ve been chatting with to your girls party. And then not even give us a heads up. Yeah… He something like a pimp. Me and my girl was just like I can’t believe he did that and thought nothing of it. Let my dude bring some random girls that I’ve never met to my party. Yea… That would not happen. But even with all of this we had a heck of a time. We didn’t make it in til almost 4 in the morning. Good times indeed ;).

Going to visit my sis tonight and I’m excited about it!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. July 15, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    What was the name of the book?

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. ms80sbaby
    July 15, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    Hey Tiffany!!!! The name of the book was the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

    Check out this link: http://www.5lovelanguages.com/ for more info too.

  3. L.P.
    July 16, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Yay, welcome back!! I missed ya!

    Glad you had fun during the wedding. It looks like you back to being your busy self. 😉

    And I am behind you. It’s a wrap on potential. He should have called or done something more substantial. If he was still interested, he would have. So yup, I agree it’s moving on time.

    And maybe your friend and this girl are just dating? They are not exclusive yet so they’re able to talk/date other people? Well, as long as you guys had a blast. Lol!

    Glad to see you write again.

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