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Rude for no reason………

So I was out shopping for some shoes for this wedding I’m in 4th of July of weekend. Surprisingly, I found some decent priced ones at Nine West. The shoes are decent and they were only 25 bucks which is right up my alley. I just knew I was about to spend 40 at the least on some shoes that I was probably never gonna where again since it’s been so hard to find some red satin shoes. The ones I found aren’t bad at all and me being the friend that I am sent a pic to some of my other friends and ended up getting them a pair as well.

However, I was in the store for a while because I was trying to decide on which size to get in the shoe. While I was in there this woman came in with two mid- 20 year old men who seemed as if they were her fashion consultants. One of the guys was so rude and it was just getting on my nerves. Someone almost stepped on his foot and he was going off. He told her you were about to get sued. And then he kept talking to who he was with like she not watching where she was going and almost stepped on my foot with that stilleto. He would not let it die. So the lady who he was with was trying on some shoes. For some reason the back of the sandal was bending so the woman is trying to figure out why it was doing that. The associate was even baffled and he chimes in like don’t worry she won’t be getting these. It was just how he said it. As if he was trying to cut the sales associate up. Ummmm she didn’t actually make the shoe so I’m sure her feelings are not going to be hurt.

Some people get a kick out of being blunt and let them tell it keeping it 100. But at the same time they end up looking silly because there is a such thing as manners. I’mma need all these people to learn some. He ruined my shopping experience because he just kept talking and being rude to the sales associates. I wanted to bust out laughing because when the woman finally found some shoes that she liked and when they told her the price her response was say what say unh. Like seriously, y’all in here acting as if y’all rule the world but then get quiet once you find out the price of a 50.00 shoe. Girl bye and most importantly BOY BYE!!!!!! I hate rude people!

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