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Did you miss me???????

I’ve been on vacay…But I’m back now……At the last minute I decided to join my family on a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Last Thursday me and my younger cousin drove to Atlanta. Spent the night there then hopped up and continued our ride to Florida. I did all of the driving and surprisingly I enjoyed it. It’s just something about the road that soothes and calms me. as long as there’s no traffic.

Anywho, we made it to Orlando on Friday evening and our first stop was the mall. Our family who had flown down had already eaten so we stopped at our favorite chain restuarant…Drum roll please…. FRIDAY’s…LOL After we ate we met up with 2 of my aunts, my grandma, a lil cousin, and two of his friends at our resort for the weekend.

On Saturday we all parted ways. My older younger cousin, my grandma, and an aunt went to Holyland. An amusement park hosted by TBN which I had NEVER heard of. I just kept hearing my grandma saying she wanted to go to Holyland. So they were the first ones headed out in the morning. Next was the bunch headed to Magic Kingdom: Me, my sister, and 3 lil boys. However, before we went we stopped at the largest McDonald’s in the world which of course was overpriced. Then we headed to the theme park.

Now on the monorail I noticed some suspect activity with the men in the same monorail car as us. I didn’t feed too much into it. I was just like I guess a group of middle aged gay men were taking a trip to Magic Kingdom. *Kanye Shrug* So we finally make into the park and I noticed what was going on ASAP. I nudged my sister like ummmmm do you notice a trend here. I told her peep the red shirts. It just so happen to be gay and lesbian day. And they were out in full force. Old, young, white, black, extra with it, not so extra with it. There were there in full FORCE. So of course I’m mentioning this to my sister on the low and my nosey little cousin like whats going on with the red shirts. I tell him to shut up and stay out of our conversation. Lo and behold it wasn’t long before they realized what was going on. They were ten and eleven so they can read. And they just happened to read a button that said celebrating gay day. So then it was on with them. They were staring, pointing, and everything else. At one minute they talking about I don’t want them looking at me. I’m like guys it’s really not that serious and quit being rude.

Overall, we had a good time at Magic Kingdom. I was in charge of their money. Which meant they weren’t wasting their money on a bunch of silly souvenirs. Nope. Not on my watch. So we rhode rides and it’s really not that many. Magic Kingdom is moreso for the experience. To say that you’ve been. I guess they have quite a few kiddie rides but it’s not all that entertaining for kids over 10.  It seems like you have to be interested in animations and so forth so you can appreciate the lifelike characters. They also have a variety of entertainment. One of the memorable features was lilo and stitch. They had us sit in this room and then it went pitch black as if Lilo had escaped. My sister kept screaming and I was cracking up wondering why she was screaming. When it was over she said they had it feeling like something was on her head. I’m glad my seat didn’t have that affect. I probably would have been screaming too…. LOL

We kept telling the kids once we stopped riding the rides then we’ll let them souvenir shop. It was a 2520 lil boy with us and he was the funniest because whenever it was time to eat he didn’t want to eat because he wanted to spend all his money on souvenirs. He was the only one trying to buy stuff for his siblings and I thought that was the cutest thing ever. We let them get a few items then we said alright now y’all getting the rest of yall stuff from Walmart. Their Walmart had a Disney section. Of course the 2520 said I don’t want to get my stuff from walmart but once we finally took him then he was like this was the best idea ever ;).

That day wore me out and I was knocked once we finally made it back to our suite. The next morning there were some activities going on at the pool. So I went down there and watched. They had a hula hoop contest. And guess who won????? 2520’s… They had the contestants going down on one knee while hula hooping and the 2520’s was killing it. They also had a man who worked for Disney come and do caricatures for $5.00. So yep, I got one drawn and I love it. It’s sooooo me. From the big sunglasses, to the big hoops, the headband, and the big hair. It was all the way extra just like me.

We lounged around for a while after that and then it was finally time for us to get on the road. We left a lil after 7 but the stupid gps was sending us an unfamiliar way. And by time we realized it we had already drove like 30 minutes out the way. So we pretty much didn’t leave til like 8. My sister drove. WOOO HOOO. Which is a shock because she usually don’t drive. At first I was a little nervous because she was yawning like 15 minutes into the drive. I was thinking I was gonna have to takeover at any minute…And then she kept having to use the bathroom. I was just smh. But she actually drove the entire way back. I was mad though because I couldn’t fall asleep. I don’t know what was wrong with me. Maybe it was because when I’m usually in the car that late I’m used to being up and driving. I finally fell asleep when we were a hour from home. BOOOOOOOOO…. But we made it back to Atlanta. 

The next morning I got up and told my lil cousin get ready because we were bout to hit the road. Made a pit stop at the mall to pay a bill and have lunch. Then we headed on back to the KY so I could take the rental back before they closed. I was supposed to go back to work on Tuesday but when I called to tell them I would be late my coworker said that we were slow and she would cover for me if I wanted to take another day. And that’s what I did. I took Tuesday off too and just lounged around my apt all day. It felt great.

Now you’re pretty much all caught up with me…..I’m back at work and surprisingly it’s cool. My vacay was right on time.  I’m here mellowed out and not on edge.

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  1. V Renee
    June 11, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    I MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!

    Your trip sounds like fun. I went down to Disney world two years ago with my family and had a blast! Nothing like some good clean family fun to mellow you out. But that is hilarious that you went on gay/lesbian day! 🙂

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