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Cheap is not how I roll

In case you don’t know I am in a wedding this summer. So u know what that means? Bachelorette party!!!!!! Now the bride is one of my besties and we go back to elementary school. So at first we decided we wanted to go somewhere. We had decided to go to Chicago. We’ve been researching for a while but really hadn’t actually started booking stuff. So this week we were really gonna be on it. We had talked a bit after her recent bridal shower. During our discussion I was getting irritated because it seemed like the focus was money, money, money. Majority of the stuff we do is reasonably priced.  We know how to make stuff economically feasible.

 So on Monday I’m looking up the stuff that I’m responsible for and then it hits me. We need to know the exact amount of people going. Not estimates. So that night I called my other friend and I was like this what we gonna do. I told her we gonna just have it locally. I’m like I don’t have time to be worrying about whether people can find a babysitter or whether they can go depending on the amount. It was too much especially when deposits and stuff were concerned. I just started rambling and voila now we have a bachelorette party that’s gonna be off the chain.

Since SATC is big right now we’re piggybacking off of that and that’s our theme. That she’s finally found her Big. So we’ll have the guests come to the house about 1:00. And we’ll have brunch, mimosa’s, and all of that other stuff for them. Then we’ll have a masseuse at the house. For the sake of the number of possible guests we’re just gonna do chair massages not necessarily full body massages. Yep, they’re getting a tease. And then we’re having a station setup to do nails and possibly toenails. At first we were gonna hire a manicurist but I think a lot of people wear nails including the bride so we scratched that idea. And then we’ll have a makeup artist on site too. Why???? Because we’re having a photoshoot. Sex and the City style.

I can already see it now. All of us dolled up as our favorite SATC character. I still haven’t figured out which one suits me. Any ideas? But I was telling my friend yesterday we need to bring shopping bags for props because we’ll actually be taking the pictures downtown Cincy. I’m too excited about that. After the photoshoot, while we’re in costume we’re gonna catch an early evening showing of the movie. Then it’s dinner. Head to the house to freshen up and then it’s time to hit the streets and barhop. So these are our ideas as of now…

Good thing we know people. A friend of ours from high school is a photographer. She has agreed to do our shoot and she’s very excited and already thinking of ideas as well. She’s also a masseuse. So tada we have a photographer and a masseuse all in one. My aunt is a makeup artist. So I’ve already solicited her services and she has agreed. My other aunt caters and is big on presentation. So I’m gonna solicit her as well and see if she’s interested. She can worry about the food and then we’ll have everything else in order.

So we have the theme down. It’s gonna be a long day. But it’s gonna be worth it. Sending my girl off with the bang. But now we’re dealing with the cost. And I can’t stand how cheap some of the girls are being.It’s so many emails going back and forth and it’s really starting to piss me off. Mainly because being cheap for no reason is not a good look. Especially when the bride is very generous when it comes to all of us. I’m not about to let her spend money on others and then give her a cheap bachelorette party because people want to be cheap. Heck no! For example, the last bachelorette party we had was pretty much thrown by her and she wasn’t even asking her to help us she just did it. But all of us were like wooooooahhhhhh after seeing how much she spent and gave her some money towards everything. So it’s really pissing me off because I want to call the cheap one out and let her know that the bride spent all kind of money on her and ain’t thought twice about it. I had the email typed but after thinking it out I went ahead and didn’t send it. But she got a couple more times to downgrade this event then it’s gonna be on. Her lil feelings might have to get hurt. Ol’ cheap butt. Now one of the girls just don’t have it and that’s perfectly fine. Because I know if she did have it then it would be nothing for her to contribute. I told her to give whatever she could and that’s that.

What I do know…..Is that my bestie’s bachelorette party is not gonna suffer based on somebody people being cheap. I’ve already told some others that we might have to just chalk it up and spend more to make sure we pull this off. Guess what???? It’s definitely happening. She deserves nothing but the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m gonna make sure that happens. Because I already know if the shoe was on the other foot she would do it for me. Furthermore, she has already done it. Not necessarily for me but she has pulled out all the stops previously for one of the ladies. She said if she was gonna do it then she was gonna do it right. And she certainly did.

Do you have cheap friends? Can u feel my pain???

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  1. May 21, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    Lawd do I understand you. My friend is a straight up dumpster diver and if she thinks she can get it for free some way she is going to do it. In your case if they can’t go then say I can’t go and move on, let other people enjoy the big party.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

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