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The most depressing trip ever

So I know I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about my trip and it was sooooo depressing. I really haven’t been right since I came back.

So we head to Cleveland on Friday afternoon. Once we made it to the street the first thing we noticed was Miss J’s car. Her car was right outside her aunt’s house. Thing is she went over her aunt’s house everyday after work. This day was no different. However, this time instead of asking her aunt to fix something for her to eat they said that before she came over she had went to the grocery store and wanted to cook for them. She made lasagna. Her family said that she was with them and then he came to pick her up and then they homicide detectives were at their door at 2 in the morning.

Thing is the family mainly her cousin thinks that this was done by someone who was close to them. And I could see that because of how everything happened. Her cousin said that Miss J never went along with the boyfriend when he was on street missions. They said although that’s what he did she never played a part in that lifestyle. She made sure that she seperated herself from that. So they’re baffled as to why he even picked her up that night.

There is some other background information that I don’t really care to give. Because it’s even more depressing and it’s stuff that you hear about in the movies. It’s really surreal to know someone who was actually killed in a murder story like this one. I still can’t believe it. I had already decided that I wasn’t gonna look at her in the casket. I couldn’t imagine how someone shot where she was shot could still look like themselves. I just didn’t want that to be my last memory of her. I tried my hardest to prevent my big sis from looking. I suceeded the first go round but she eventually wanted to look. And unfortunately I don’t think she can get that image out of her head.

I did NOT care for the pastor who did the services. I felt as though he was trying to capitalize on the moment. He was all the way ignorant. And a lot of his comments were uncalled for. My sister and I both kept giving each other the imaginary scissors as a hint that he needs to start wrapping it up. I was not pleased. The legacy that she left was too great for her homegoing services to be ruined like that.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t seem real. I was talking to her cousin who is probably taking it the hardest. She was just saying that this situation was actually unbearable. She related it to me losing my big sis and I couldn’t even imagine. My heart hurts for her. She was holding up but I could see the sadness in her eyes. She was saying that they took her heart away from her. It’s just sad.

After the funeral, we hung around the repast for a bit but then we ended up getting on the road. At first we were gonna stay another day but it was too depressing actually living it…. As of now they are no leads (however word on the street is people know who did it). I just ask that you keep her family in your prayers. This situation was definitely tragic.

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