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You need what…………

So I meant to write this post on Thursday. But I had a doctor’s appt in the morning and then things just got hectic….

Anywho….On Wednesday evening I finished packing and finally laid down. It was right around 1 in the morning. All of a sudden my phone rings. I still don’t have everyone’s number in my phone so I recognized the area code but not the number. I figured it was one of three people. I answered it and it was my cousin. So he’s making small talk at first. And I’m not thinking anything of it. He’s asking how far different cities are from me. I tell him and then he goes on to mention that he may need me considering he is currently traveling. I’m thinking gosh darnitt he may be trying to come stay with me for the night. In my head I’m thinking I just finished packing I got clothes all over the place and then since I stay by myself I got valuables all out in the open. The thing is he wasn’t alone. His girlfriend and her son was with him too. I knew the girlfriend but we weren’t close all like that to just feel comfortable with her up in my place.

So I hop up and start straightening up thinking he’s gonna ask to come stay with me for the night. Uhhhh no. He goes on to say that they are running out of money. In my head I’m thinking all kinds of things but of course it was not the appropriate time to say those things. I was just like tell me where y’all at and I’ll come to y’all. He proceeds to say that he had to figure out how to get out of his current location because it wasn’t an exit and he had the rental truck and blah, blah, blah. He said once he get straightened out he was gonna call me back.

Of course things is still running through my mind. The main thing being how do you get on the road without any money. They are in the process of moving from South Carolina to Ohio. So it’s like ummmm what do y’all plan on doing once y’all get there. I was really just baffled. I felt sorry for them. I felt like they made a stupid decision. It was really hard to digest. But at the same time I was glad that I was around the area where I could even drive to them and help them out. Otherwise someone would have had to drive more than 2 hours to help them. I was just grateful that I don’t know what that feels like.

Fortunately, the situation worked out. Because for one I don’t even carry cash like that. Luckily, I had some cash that’s been in my purse since I went to Atlanta a few weeks ago. And for two, I would have been hesitant about going to the ATM by myself that late. And for three, what if I hadn’t been in the KY. If it would have been the next night I wouldn’t have been there. I didn’t get a heads up that they were passing through or anything. It just so happened that I was there.

So about 1:45 he finally calls me back. So I hop up throw some clothes on and go to meet them. I was thinking they were in the next city over which at the most would be about 30 minutes. Unfortunately they weren’t even there. I asked if they could at least make it to that next city. He was a hesitant. Almost as if he doubted they could make it. So I was just like here I come.

I could have chastised them about the situation. But I just really didn’t think it was worth it. The situation was bad enough. One that I never want to imagine. I’m just glad that I was there with a reliable car that I could drive to them and the financial means to help them out. No questions asked. Luckily for them all I had was $100 bill. So that’s what I ended up giving them. Of course my cousin was like we’re not gonna need all of this. I was just like take it. Fortunately, for me that $100 bill was not gonna make me nor break me so I just gave it up assuming that I would never see it again.

I didn’t make it home until 3:30 that morning and I just couldn’t get that off my mind. That was extremely sad to me. Of course I wasn’t trying to put their business out on the street so I was surprised when his mom called me the following morning. She thanked me for helping her son out. Later on that evening I was over my grandma’s and she mentioned that he told her that I came to the highway to see them. And then my aunt kind of mumbled for some money. I was like how you know. She mentioned that she knew because that story didn’t make sense. That hurt my grandma and she’s hoping he don’t think that the family has the means to take care of him.

 I’m sure that this story is to be continued. I’m curious to see how long he’s gonna stick around or what he’s bout to do with himself. Because one thing I don’t do is take care of a grown a** man who is capable of working. Now this situation was an emergency but he ain’t gonna have too many emergency excuses  after this one.

****** Tomorrow I plan on posting about my trip to the funeral….It’s sad, tragic, drastic, and just horrible.***************

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  1. May 17, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    So sorry again about you and your sisters friend. I have done that drive from SC to Ohio as my fam is from Florence and Pamplico. It’s a long ride and we have had our stops in Kentucky too.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. V Renee
    May 17, 2010 at 8:47 pm

    I’m late to this post. Ha!

    Well at least you did played the role of Good Samaritain. You should be off the hook for at least 6 months 🙂

    On another note, I’m still sad about Ms. Jones passing. 😦 😦 😦

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