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It finally hit her………

I’m not for sure if I mentioned before that when my sister first got the news about her friend she had relatives in town visiting. My uncle and his wife was staying with her so I’m glad that she wasn’t alone. I would call and check on her but I wasn’t trying to overload her. And plus I know she’s like me because even if she was taking it hard she was going to grieve privately. People were asking me how she was doing and I was just like I honestly don’t know and I asked folks to keep her in her prayers.

So yesterday I called my sister and didn’t think anything of it when she didn’t answer. I happened to go on FB and I seen her status. Her status mentioned that she was laughing yet crying thinking of all the memories. I’m thinking it must have hit her. So I commented on her status about some of the fond memories that I had of her. But I still let her mourn and let her call me when she was ready.

A few hours later she ended up calling me and I could tell that she was still crying. She told me that one of my best friends had called her and offered her condolences and I thought that was sooooo nice of my friend. So I just listened to my sister talk and I ended up crying right along with her.

See the thing is me and my sister are soooo much alike. Growing up it was always us. We’re only 18 months apart and we pretty much did everything together. We had seperate  friends but we’re private people. So although we had friends we didn’t let them in all the way. Heck, we really didn’t let each other all the way in. We didn’t experience the value of true friends until we were in college once we finally let our guards down.

So as I sat and listened to my sister  I could definitely feel her pain through the tears. She was just saying it was the little things that she’s thinking of right now. She was at the grocery store earlier grabbing some seasoning and she could hear Ms. J in the background like put accent seasoning on everything. LOL I’m glad that I was able to recall memories of my own from their friendship that I could share. Funniest story ever. They were out somewhere and the club had those “black lights” not sure if that’s what they are called. So Ms. J was in front and my sister was following her walking through the crowd and some guy asked Ms. J if my sister was with her. Ms. J turned around and said that my sis looked like a lil alien cause her teeth were glowing and stuff . Just not looking cute at all. So Ms. J was like nah she ain’t with me. What’s even funnier is that right after it happened Ms. J told my sister what she had done and they just laughed about it. Their friendship was constantly full of laughter.

So we were laughing and then we were crying. My sister went on to mention how she felt that Ms. J was her first true friend. She told me the story about how they met. She said it was the second day of school. She ain’t have nobody to talk to and Ms. J ain’t have nobody to talk to and they just decided that they were gonna be friends and they been friends ever since. So I mentioned to my sister to be grateful for being able to experience Ms. J’s transition because it was a beautiful thing to see. She was like I know and the thing is I loved her just as much when she was a lil rough around the edges. She was like she was my true friend. I was just like and that’s what friendship is about. Accepting each other flaws and all.

I told my sis that I wasn’t trying to overdo it and call her every five minutes to make sure she was straight because I was giving her her space. But I wanted her to know that I was here and all she had to do was call me.  So I’m at least happy that my sister called me when she was grieving. And she was was stressing because flights are expenisive and she didn’t know what she was going to do. One of her students grandmothers offered her a a buddy pass. I promise my sister is one of God’s favorites. 🙂

Continue to keep us in your prayers.

Sidenote: One of my friends called me yesterday and she was all depressed. I’m thinking something is seriously wrong. She was mad because the dealer wanted to charge her a ridiculous price to fix her headlight. I kind of went off on her. I was just like are you serious…. U tripping over that and it’s people out here dealing with tragedies. Later on she texted me and thanked me for making her realize how silly she was acting over something so petty when people dealing with serious issues.

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  1. redbonegirl
    May 16, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    Wow, so sorry. I hope you guys find some peace soon.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

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