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There are times when I get so wrapped up w/ certain stories in the news that I become infatuated with them. I need to know all the details.  For example, a few years ago when those  3 kids were killed in Newark, New Jersey I was scaring myself because I became infatuated with it. Everyday I was checking for more news articles. I was so caught up with that story.

Same thing has happened now. The difference being I personally know the victim. Today I found another article and shed a few tears because the girl being interviewed was also really close with my sister. They call each other twin because their bday’s are on the same day. I really feel for her because her mother was the one who raised Ms. J. So even though they were really cousins they looked at each other as if they were sisters. I could see the sadness in her eyes.

Just keep the family, my sis, and their circle in your prayers. This is definitely a tough one.

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