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Gone too soon!!!!!!!!!!

My sister called me hysterical on Saturday morning. She was crying and I could barely understand her. And she had woke me up out my sleep so I was a little on the delusional side. But eventually I heard what she said. One of her best friend’s was killed along with her boyfriend on Friday night.

The thing is my friend’s  are my sister’s friends and vice versa. So in this case Ms. J was just as much my friend as she was my sister’s friend. My feelings were hurt instantly. My mom was in the room with me and she was saddened as well. We loved Ms. J. She was truly one of a kind.

The thing was Ms. J was who she was. She didn’t make any excuses for it. She grew up in an inner city neighborhood and was “hood”. However, she wanted more for herself and didn’t let her circumstances define her. So she went off to school. That’s how her and my sis met.

I remember the first time I met her. She was tatted up. She had blonde microbraids. Every other word was curse word. That night we went out she ended up getting into it with a dude. ( I reenacted that night to my sis on the phone yesterday and she was cracking up. Like yep that was the old Ms. J) I was kind of like who is this chick. Her exterior was a lil different but I could tell she had a good interior.

Over the years she just blossomed. She put more thought into her words before she spoke and every other word wasn’t a curse word.  She became articulate. She was still who she was but she toned down the street and allowed the educated woman to shine through. My sister raved about her mathematical skills and how she was a whiz when it came to numbers. So I always knew she was a smart girl. I witnessed her transformation.

Last summer I spent the weekend with my sister’s whole college crew in Chicago for one of their weddings. And I promise Ms. J just had a lil glow about herself. She was always smiling and she just seemed happy. She almost seemed as if she was on top of the world. I was cracking up because at the reception she stayed on the dance floor. She couldn’t dance worth a lick but that didn’t stop her from being out there. I can see her now saying come on 80’s and she would start doing this lil hand movement. And then she couldn’t even shake her butt she was moreso swaying her butt. We had a ball with them.

It’s so crazy because we had just been talking about her. She was pregnant with her first child and they had already called and told us the date of the shower to make sure we were going to be there along with my sister. And I was planning on going. We were literally talking about the shower on Friday night and this was when she was already gone.

After my sister called me all kind of things were going through my head. I was just praying that it wasn’t a situation where she was shot execution style. Lo and behold it was. Someone on a street heard shots and when police arrived they found her boyfriend’s body on the sidewalk and her body in the street. I just keep thinking what was possibly going through her mind.  And every time I’m out at night now I just look at the street and I try to understand how someone could just shoot a pregnant woman and leave her in the street like that. I just don’t get it.

It’s so many things that are going through my head. He was into the “street” lifestyle. I have so many whatif’s. She was just telling my sis that she felt trapped in the relationship. So what if she would have ended it. Would she still be here????

My sister seems to be doing okay. Luckily, some family members were in town and staying with her so I’m glad that she wasn’t by herself. However, they’re gone now and I really don’t know how she’s doing. She’s pretty much like me. Even if she’s taken it hard she’ll keep it to herself.

I definitely try not to question God’s plans but this one is a hard one. Truthfully, I haven’t been right since I found out. My mom even called me this morning and asked if everything was alright with me because I haven’t been acting like myself. I’m like I’m hurt behind what happened to Ms. J. I can’t get it off of my mind. She didn’t deserve that. She didn’t deserve to be shot in the head and then just left in the middle of the street to die. The way she was treated is what hurts the most.

RIP MS J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. V Renee
    May 10, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    OMG this is crazy!! How sad!! Awwww I’m sorry for your loss 😦

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