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Bad Girl……..

So ya’ll know I went to ATL for the previous weekend. Y’all know I’ve been feeling more confident lately and just super duper happy w/ life in general. I am pleased to know that it’s showing on the outside because people kept telling me that I was glowing. Anywho, as a result of this new attitude ya girl was getting plenty of holler. So I was a bad girl and just eating it up…….. 😉

There was this one guy (Marcus) who was standing outside of a sports bar that me and my sis was about to go in. We just started talking and he ended up sitting outside with me for a minute then he sat with us while we had a couple of drinks. We had great conversation and we were just sitting there chatting it up like we’ve known each other forever.

So last night he ends up texting me. He then asked if he could call. So I let him call and while we were talking the pbf beeped in. So I got off the phone with Marcus for the pbf. We chatted for a while. Then when I got off the phone I called Marcus back. The pbf beeped back in so I got off with Marcus again. So when I called Marcus back that next time he was like look, I’m a starter. I ain’t no background player. I was just like okay I hear you. But I keep cracking up about that line. I’m still laughing. I guess he got me told. But truthfully, right now he is a background player. 😉 And he know it.  Ha!!!

I also want to wish all the wonderful mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!!! Even if you don’t have any kids I still wish you a Happy Mother’s day. As long as you’re a motherly figure to someone then I’m wishing you a great Mother’s Day. And that includes all the yaya’s. Yes. I’m the one who gets my childless aunts a gift because they are a mother figure to me.

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  1. L.P.
    May 10, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    look, I’m a starter. I ain’t no background player

    That’s hilarious!! I need to find a way to use that… LoL!

    Glad you had fun chica… And yes, even your posts glow!!!

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