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So y’all know yesterday I posted on how one of my friend’s decided to treat me, my sister, and another friend to a vacation at her expense….My friend is silly so once she talked to us about going on a trip she updated her fb status saying she gonna flip a coin and where it land is where us + 1 special guest is going on a vacay. Me and my other friend had been joking like we weren’t gonna tell the other girls until we were loading the plane. We were just gonna be like on our to way timbucktoo. But she messed that up when she told all of facebook. LOL

We already knew there may be some backlash from the other girls and it has appeared already. Can you believe that? So yesterday my friend mentions that another friend emails her about this “secret” trip. Long story short her feelings were hurt and she felt left out. Now I had already been told about this friend’s feelings but I didn’t give too much thought to it. Leaving the gym I had a missed call from this friend whose feelings were hurt. I call back thinking we were just doing our weekly chat. Ummmm no…She proceeded to tell me that her feelings hurt because she was not invited. I apologized that she ended up feeling like that and we weren’t intentionally trying to hurt her feelings. I also told her that I appreciated her bringing her feelings to me….And that is all…. I did NOT apologize for the fact that we’re taking a trip. For what????? She better build a bridge and get over it. Furthermore, hopefully they never find out she’s paying for everything. The ish will really hit the fan then….. But seriously, I am a very considerate friend. But being mad about us + my sister going on a trip is BEYOND PETTY!!!!!! I think it’s probably a result of her wedding jitters. Who knows??????????

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  1. April 29, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    How did I know this was coming. Some friends just don’t know how to be happy for others. I get that her feelings were hurt, but you have no control over that. YOU were invited to take a trip, and you should not feel bad or apologize for it. What GOD got for you is for YOU! I hope you enjoy your trip girl! When are you all planning to go?

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