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Grateful for the signs

I’m just so grateful right now. Y’all know Mary Mary’s Heaven song got me through with the passing of my Aunt H. Well one of my aunt’s who used to sit with her in the evenings at Hospice ran into one of her nurses. The nurse went on to mention that there’s not a day that goes by where they don’t talk about my Aunt H. Even though my Aunt H took them through it I’m glad she was still able to make an impression. The nurse went on to tell my aunt about the morning that Aunt H passed.

She stated that Aunt H woke up and was looking around. She was commenting on how beautiful everything looked. She was saying that it was so bright and it was so light. Everything she was seeing was so white and pretty. She asked if they had painted. Aunt H had kind of been on lazy mode but they said that morning she asked for them to sit her up so she could see everything. And she really hadn’t been eating but they said that morning she ate all of her food.

I was just so overwhelmed with emotion when I heard that. All I could think of was my Aunt Hattie was seeing Heaven. I’m so happy that somebody was able to see her experience it to where they were able to pass it on to us.

 And then y’all remember we didn’t tell my great grandma when Aunt H passed. Even though we didn’t tell her they were somehow still communicating because my great grandma would call out her sister’s name out the blue. And at one point she had mentioned that it was sooo cold where Aunt H was.  Another time she had said that she couldn’t reach H’s step. At the time it wasn’t time for her to be able to reach that step however, I’m grateful that during her last days Aunt H was right there with her playing the role of big sis. Ready to escort her away to heaven once she finally made it. And now they’re together again. Probably arguing and Aunt H trying to eat all of Ruthie’s food. I just get so tickled when I go to the cemetary knowing they’re buried right beside each other knowing they are cutting up together.

I’m just happy to have recieved the signs that confirms that my Aunt Hattie is in Heaven. She is definitely my guardian angel. Her and Ruthie both.

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  1. April 15, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    WOW. That’s amazing what your Aunt Hattie saw and a blessing. It must be comforting to know she is safe and in Heaven with those she loves. Glad you shared that!

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