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Another Sister

So y’all know my Papa was a rolling stone….. And the situation is if someone says they’re his child then he pretty much accepts them. My papa is known all over the place. And he pretty much got it poppin all over the place. In December he was talking about he was about to have a baby. He kept saying it so we don’t know whether he was telling the truth or not. So unfortunately he may still be getting it in all over the place.

He had 5 kids with my grandma. However, there are others. Now some have been around all my life. And some have popped up throughout the years. Unfortunately some are still popping up. Prime example, in December we went to my Papa’s brother’s funeral in Indiana. There was a daughter that popped up then. Ironically she looked like another one of my aunts. So another aunt is like it’s just a coincidence that they look alike but I don’t think she’s a sister.

Rewind to this past weekend. I’m talking to my aunt and she mentions that her and my grandpa are going to visit a church in another city. Me being my nosey self is inquiring about this visit. She proceeds to tell me the story. That some woman called my grandpa and said that before her mother died she gave her his name as her father. She’s a gospel artist from Alabama and was singing at a church in a nearby city on Sunday. So of course my aunts are trying to do that math. If I’m not mistaken she would have been his first born.

So on Sunday morning we load up to head to this church. It was about 8 of us who went. After hearing the name of the church that we were going to I realize that it sounds familiar. I’m thinking my sister’s friend’s father is the pastor of that church. Lo and behold we pull up and it’s the church that we were thinking of. I let my sister know and she texts her friend and mentions that we’re coming to hear a relative sing.

My sister’s friend is on the drums.  But once he’s finish he sees me and come and squeeze on our pew. He had all kind of jokes. He was like so y’all taking that spiritual dna test. So me and my aunt start inquiring about the visiting choir. He mentions that they’re not from Alabama but from across town. So he’s like y’all at the wrong church. We’re like no, she told us this church.

So all of a sudden this woman gets up to sing from the congregation. He’s like that’s my auntie. The woman was his mother’s sister. So me and my aunt look at each other. For some reason that morning at the house I overheard my papa saying she had a gold. This woman had a gold. And he mentioned something about her carrying guns. So then I start asking my sister’s friend questions. I’m like where she from. He says Alabama. I ask if she carry guns. He’s like yep she stay packing. I kind of slide in there do she know who her daddy is. And he kind of get this weird look on his face. So I ask is her mother deceased. At first he was sure that it wasn’t her. But the more questions I asked I could tell his mind was wandering. So he like that’s not her because she was born in Alabama. I’m like we have people in Alabama. He like what part. I’m like Ramer. By this time me and my aunt both are thinking that’s her. So I tell him I think your aunt is my aunt too. He like hold on.

He ends up getting the attention of one of his older family members who happened to be sitting next to my grandpa and told him to meet him outside. So then my sister’s friend come back and he’s like yep that’s her. His family member had confirmed it. It was funny because he was like I didn’t realize who y’all grandpa was. He went on to say he was the man at the softball field. He was like I’ve heard stories about this man who used to give 100 dollars to people would hit out of the park homeruns. He was like that man is your grandpa and they call him Smooth. So I’m just sitting there like yep that’s my grandpa. I was sitting there  shaking my head and then I was like sorry to tell you but your grandma got got by my grandpa.LOL

So once church was finally over we did the whole lil meet & greet and photo session. That woman was extra. From her lacefront, to her golds, to her blinged out fingernails, to her fake eyelashes….She was straight up EXTRA.

So that’s how my Sunday afternoon went. Met a new auntie who happened to be an auntie of someone else I knew. It’s a small world. Of course my aunts are like you think she a sister. She definitely has some of the features so  she very well may be. Who knows???

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  1. V Renee
    April 13, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    Ummmm WOW at this story!! So how many total potential kids are there?? Did yall find out if this new baby is real? At the rate he’s going, I wouldn’t put it past him. Were him and your grandma married?

    And I am dead weak at the gold, lace front and extras. I can totally picture her!

  2. ms80sbaby
    April 13, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    @V….Right.. Imagine experiencing it…Live in the flesh…. But let me see….Let me break this down…All my life I’ve known about K,R,D,A,K,M,D,A,K,R,R…Then I found about A…..Then there’s this one that I have no clue. It’s never been addressed that he’s a definite like his brother has. So D is a possible. And then I remember years ago being introduced to a man at a family reunion in Indiana as an uncle so I’m gonna name him ?. And then the one in Gary is S. And now this new one is I. So that makes 15 and a definite possible. For the heck of it I’m gonna throw in about 2 more possibles. With probably a few more possibles out there too. So truly who knows??????

    Girl, we ain’t thought about that new baby since we left Indiana. So it ain’t no telling. Me and my lil cousin were the only ones who heard him saying it so we talked about it and then kind of left it alone.

    But yes him and my grandma were married. I’m not for sure of the double lapping as far as ages and stuff but as you can papa was definitely a rolling stone. Which resulted in a DIVORCE. But my aunt had mentioned that too like maybe they shouldn’t have mentioned it to her because they didn’t want to upset her and they don’t know how she feels about ALL OF IT..I’m pretty sure she’s embarrassed by it but I guess he was her force of nature.. But girl it’s a mess….At the funeral when that one popped up the first cousins was saying to my momma and nem y’all got another sister….Girl it’s really unreal.

    But I will say I’ve always had a relationship with him and so have my mom and her siblings. Like they used to spend summers with him and stuff in Indiana. Now the other kids I can’t necessarily speak on their relationships. I can speak on the ones who’ve always been around and say that there was a relationship there but probably not as strong as the one my mother and her siblings had. But it’s still kind of off because not all my mom’s full siblings call him daddy. It’s a couple that do and it’s some that flat out call him by his first name and then it’s some that don’t really call him anything.

    But it’s really interesting though because of the dynamic with him and my grandma. I guess it’s always gonna be that connection because that’s his exwife and all of their kids are together because at our family functions you would think that it was just us and not all these extras out here. You know when my great grandma died he was right there playing the role as son in law. Years ago at my papa’s party my grandma was playing the role as first lady. So they play the roles…

    But even now it’s still women who are after him in different states. Pretty much obsessed w/ him and trying to play the role as first lady in his life. I’m talking about in Alabama, Ohio, and Indiana. But little do they know they just in the rotation.

    That man needs his own reality show. It’s no telling what’s all in his past.

    This situation is always like the big @zz elephant in the room. My momma ain’t on them all them extra siblings and she already let it be known she don’t want all of that in her obituary…LOL

  3. V Renee
    April 13, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    15 and a possible?!?!?!? Good God almighty!!

    I need to see a picture of him. He sounds like quite the charmer/ladies man.

    ” You know when my great grandma died he was right there playing the role as son in law. Years ago at my papa’s party my grandma was playing the role as first lady. So they play the roles…”

    You know what, I see this ALL the time in older people. Even YEARS after a divorce, they play “the role”. I have an uncle who is the same way with his ex-wife.

    Weak at yo mama not wanting them on her obituary. Obviously, it’s probably not room for ’em. Rotflmao

  4. ms80sbaby
    April 13, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    Probably possibles…..I’mma have to lead you to him in my facebook pics…To show you the one they call SMOOTH…LOL

    And see thing is….My papa don’t dress up during the week..He’s straight sweats all day…Like old school cotton jogging pants….. Now he cleans up well for church and when it’s time to hit the streets. His suit game is proper… But even his cars. He drives around in an old raggedy van. He has a cadillac but he don’t drive it like that…… He’s not flashy at all so I personally don’t see the fascination. But the ladies love HIM…And I know he ain’t tricking off the money so I don’t know what it is… His mouth game must be just that slick.

    Girl my momma ain’t on that… At the funeral the one that popped up was like hey sis can we bond and my momma looked at her like she was crazy….My momma don’t be ON THAT at all…..She don’t even try to fake the funk. Ha!

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