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Ya girl had a date………..

So this weekend ya girl had a date……It was supposed to happen on Saturday but things came up and we rescheduled for Sunday…. My Sunday morning/afternoon  is a whole nother post itself. Maybe I’ll share. Anyhow we agreed to meet up sometime after church.

He started calling me about 2 but so much stuff kept happening on my end so we didn’t have a definite time. However, about 5:15 I texted him like okay I’m finally bout to have my car back. And he’s like what time. I already felt bad because I had held us up all day so I’m like I can be there by 6. Which was pushing it!!!!! Why? Because I still had my church clothes on and I was en route to getting my car didn’t necessarily have it and our date was a 20 minute drive away.

So I finally got dropped off at my car.  So I drive around the corner to my aunt’s house so I could change. I grab a change of clothes out of my suitcase from the car (this weekend I lived out of my suitcase which stayed in the car) and I RUN in the house to change. My outfit was decent. It was some skinny jeans w/ a black off the shoulder short sleeve button up shirt that belted around the midsection. And I threw on some heels. Like I said it was DECENT.

Now our date was down the street from David’s Bridal and I was trying to stop in there first to pick up my bridesmaid dress that had came in. So I really had no time to primp because time was not on my side. I had decided that I would freshen up my makeup in the parking lot of David’s Bridal so once I was dressed I did a glance over and hit the road.

I made it to David’s Bridal about ten til. Didn’t take too long to get my dress and then before I headed to our date spot I freshened up my makeup.  Since I had been running around all day it seemed like all my lil makeup was gone. So I just reapplied my eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow. I also got my hair together. The wind had blown it all over the place. I mean overall I was decent. I was laughing to myself like this is my flustered look…. lol

I would have preferred to have had more time to get ready. But nothing happens the way I plan. And considering time had already got away from us. I decided that to me it was more important to go ahead and go a little flustered as opposed to picking a later time so I could flat iron the hair and do the whole makeup routine. I gave him a chance to see the flawed me. The me w/out all the extra. The me on a regular basis.

So I pull up to the resturant. He was already there so I called him like I’m here. And he’s like I’m parked right behind you. So he walks over to my car. We hug. He looks nice. He has on some nice sunglasses. (Y’all know I’m a sunglass girl so I did notice those first) He has on a brown linen shirt and some jeans. A relaxed look. So we’re walking in and he compliments my hair. This is the first time that he’s seen me without the weave since we’ve been communicating. At first the compliment catches me off guard because I don’t think it looks too hot considering the effect the gym has been taken on it. But I’m going with the flow and I say thanks.

For the most part, the  conversation was good. I was laughing because he was like I don’t even know why you’re looking at the menu you know you ordering chicken. All I could do was laugh because that’s exactly what I was ordering. Once the food came, he said GRACE for the both of us.

So he walked me back to the car and we hugged and then we went our seperate ways. Okay so it’s been awhile for me being on a date so I’m like oh crap I didn’t say thank you….. It was more so like I enjoyed myself , it was great seeing you again, and yadda, yadda, and yadda. So I ended up calling him like I’m really not that rude and I forgot to say thanks. So thanks. But overall, I enjoyed myself. It was cool. I felt comfortable. I was relaxed. I was going with the flow. So far so good.

So that was that….I went on the first date with the new boo.

So after the date I had stopped by my friend’s place. And she was SHH (shaking her head) at me probably because she didn’t think I was spruced up enough but I didn’t care. She was like where’s your makeup. I just kind of did my hand like girl go on somewhere. So then I tell her about the date and she asks if I left the tip. I’m like was I suppose to????? She’s like yeah. I’m like are you sure. So now I’m like oh crap. So I ask my aunts. One say I was supposed to leave the tip the other one says I’m not. So then my grandma and mama are included on the conversation and they have their opinions too. Some said I was at least suppose to offer….

So tell me e-fam was I supposed to leave the freakin tip????

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  1. Ms. Sula
    April 12, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    Yay for a fun/relaxed date!!

    Re:Tip. You were supposed to be YOU, ms 80’s. Not a representative of yourself. So if Ms. 80’s wouldn’t have left a tip, then Ms. 80’s shouldn’t have left a tip. People have their opinions on what should/ what shouldn’t be… The only thing you can be/do is you… I think it’s very important on first dates/initial contact to be as close to ourselves as possible, at least that’s what I do. At least that way, the person knows exactly who or what they are getting.

    So no I don’t think you should have left a tip since it was your friend who suggested it to you not something you would have done on your own.

    Bottom line is enjoy the ride. He seems like a nice gentleman (how cute was saying Grace? Too cute!!) and I say enjoy the getting-to-know/courting thing… I can smell some good stuff coming along! 😉

  2. 80's
    April 12, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    @LP…..I see what you’re saying….And to be honest I didn’t even think about it…But I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t coming off rude. So that’s why I was seeking advice…..

    Your comment is the truth and that’s why I e-love you….But I was definitely the flustered Ms. 80’s…. And to be honest I’m flustered majority of the time….LOL So that was all the way me. But I have my seat belt on and I’m ready for the ride..And I’m definitely enjoying the getting to knowing/courting stage thus far… (The word courting reminds me of my grandma and great grandma..LOL)

  3. V Renee
    April 13, 2010 at 8:22 am

    AWwwwwwww me likey!!!!

    I’m with LP all the way. Be you all the time!! People will always respect that more versus acting how you think someone wants you to act.

    Sounds like a great time!! And I want to hear about Sunday morning/afternoon. Ha!

  4. ms80sbaby
    April 13, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    @V…I posted it…..

    And how about I received a text from the new boo earlier today saying…I would like to learn more about you if you are willing to teach me…..

    I thought that was a sweet one..

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