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Cliff Notes for Comeback on the Potential

This post is to show my gratitude for a new post appearing at the treehouse. Hopefully, she’s back for good 😉 and not just teasing us.

Anywho, yes there is  a potential mate in my life now. He’s good friends with one of my best friend’s boyfriend. We’ve seen each other out and about a million times but I guess recently I caught his eye. *Kanye shrug* I still want to call him out like so what was it “this” time but I haven’t found the nerve.

We exchanged numbers about a month ago out and about in the city after pretty much dancing all night. Our conversations are good. And I get the sweetest text messages. He’s a really great guy. He’ll call or text to make sure I arrived either to Ohio or Ky safely when he knows that I’m on the road.

 At first, I was skeptical. I had said that I didn’t know if he was extra enough for me. Duh!!!! Obviously the extra dudes haven’t been working out for me. So it’s time to try something different. And then I gave him the side eye for a bit because he became inconsistent. But he called himself out about that and apologized for it.

We haven’t had our first date yet. The weekend after we met I was tied up with my friend’s birthday activities and then I stayed here for the next two weekends. Last weekend was Easter so our schedules just haven’t agreed. However, he invited me to this birthday shin dig he was having on Friday at his new bar he was opening. And I went ahead and went to that.

At the bar I realized I liked him.  It’s the little things that he is doing that I’m starting to pay attention to. Even though he was busy running around the bar he would find time to check on me to make sure I was straight.

Okay so y’all know I’m not affectionate.I know that there is an affectionate side to me but it has to be drawn out. So far so good with him at least. Because I’ve been in situations where affection has been forced from the guy’s end and it just ended up awkward. But it wasn’t like that with him.  I’m just following his lead instead of fighting it. I was surprised at my darn self. And by time I got home I had the cutest text message: It was great seeing you. I can get use to that. Have good night and I’ll talk to you tomorrow n sunday n monday.

So there’s your update Comeback…..We’re just taking it one day at a time. So far so good though.

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  1. L.P.
    April 7, 2010 at 9:41 am

    Yay!!! :)… I was rooting for the potential all along! 😉

    He sounds like a really sweet dude… I like that you are taking it one day at a time and that’s important… How far away do y’all live from one another? Make sure you get to know each other really well and get the chance to build a friendship…

    And you are wondering what might have been “different” this time? You got rid of your toxic ex so your “aura” was cleared and free of any clutter… You allowed yourself to be courted and approached… I am sure we don’t always realize it that clearly but hanging onto that stuff can wreck havoc on what vibes we give out to the world.

    Good job Chica! And I can’t wait to hear more about Potential. 😉

  2. ms80sbaby
    April 7, 2010 at 11:56 am

    @LP….We live about a hour and a half away from each other…He lives closer to my hometown. But you know I’m home a lot.

    That’s pretty much what we’re doing right now via our phone conversations. We talk and text all the time so we’re really getting to know each other. Pretty much focusing on the friendship aspect right now.

    That’s a thought……My “aura” could have been so fresh and so clean clean…LOL

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