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Random Convo

So me and my bestie are talking……….

Bestie: I think as soon as I get married I’m gonna start popping out some kids. Mind you she’s not even engaged just kind of delusional right now about wanting to get married. Don’t tell her I said that. LOL

80’s: Are you? Not me….

Bestie:  *screaming* What are you waiting on? Why not? You want to be an old parent?

80’s: I’m just not in any rush. Furthermore, I think I want to live that DINK lifestyle for a few years once I do get married.  (Dual Income No Kids)

Bestie: Oh really

80’s: Yes, I could care less about me being an old parent. I’ll be financially able to take my kids to Africa for family vacations if I wanted to. My kids gonna be able to see the world. 

Bestie: Oh, I like the way that sounds. 

Of course me and my bestie have random conversations like this all the time. But seriously, whenever that time comes I don’t think I want to start with the family planning ASAP. I think I want to be able to enjoy some alone time with my husband for a while. Although society and other people has us thinking that we should be ready to pop out some babies ASAP. I just don’t agree. 

As of now, I know I enjoy several aspects of the single no kids life. For example, I can pick up and go whenever I choose to. I pretty much can do what I want to do whenever I want to do it. Some people envy me for that. Not necessarily envy but make smart comments like must be nice. Another aspect of the single no kids life that I enjoy is that I just have to worry about me. I can sleep that extra half hour because I’m the only person who has to get ready in the morning. I don’t have to worry about anyone else except me.

Furthermore, I want to be on that DINK status for a couple of years to become established as a married couple. Yes, I am established on my own. However, I think there will be a need to become re-established once a marriage is involved. To ensure that money is being allotted correctly to ensure that we’ll be prepared for future financial situations.

Just like I enjoy the single life with no kids. I hope to enjoy married life with no kids for a while as well. Eventually, I hope to enjoy the family life as well. I just want to enjoy it all. Maybe this can be a tad bit greedy because I want it all. But that’s what I want. *Kanye Shrug*

What about you?????? Whenever you get married….Do you want to start popping the kids out ASAP or would you wait?

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  1. V Renee
    March 31, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    “Do you want to start popping the kids out ASAP or would you wait?”

    Not really. Lol. To be honest I still don’t know if I really want kids 😦 If my future hubby insists on them, I may go ahead and pop out a couple. Maybe. Or I just may sneak and get on birth control.

    BTW I love the term DINK!!

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