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Come out of hiding

So I am completely baffled by this particular situation. So you guys know which state I live in and the city in which I work. In case you don’t know shout out to Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe, and the rest of the em’. I’m hoping you can get that clue.

Anywho, this is the situation. So at my job I don’t see too many people that look like me. At the gym, I don’t see too many people like me. When I am out and about in the city I don’t see too many people who look like me. However, whenever I go to the different churches in the area. The black churches are always packed.

I’m talking about it’s several black churches that I have visited and everytime I go they are packed. This is not just for special services like children’s day, men’s day or women’s day but for the normal services on Sunday’s. And I have noticed they all have a decent congregrations.  So my question is where are all the black folks hiding when they are not in church?

Prime example, me and my friend went to Fridays yesterday after church. The restuarant was packed. But it was us and then it was a black couple. So just 4 black people in the entire restuarant. A little later on a family of like 5 came in. But still, on a Sunday afternoon you trying to tell me ain’t none of us  going to eat after church. Yeah, the situation is some of that.

All I know is….I want the black folks to come out of hiding during the week. I’m trying to play 😉 or at least just acknowledge some of my folk……

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  1. Humble_One
    March 22, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    I’ve had this question when I have visited a few places. It’s like you know black folks are there but they aren’t. I always noticed this in smaller cities.

  2. ms80sbaby
    March 22, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    Hey e- hubby!!!!!!! Right…….It just baffles me….Whenever I’m around them I just take it all in and observe…. LOL

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