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Looking forward to doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

So yep the weekend is here and I am soooooo excited about not having any plans. Y’all know I stay on the road. I’m constantly hitting the road to go somewhere or to do something. Well, not this weekend. I am staying at my apt and I’m just going to chill.

So last weekend was one of my bestie’s bday so we kicked it. I’m talking about as soon as I got off the highway I had to get dressed to attend our first event. It was great by the way. Seen a lot of old faces from undergrad and I enjoyed the live band. Fast forward to Saturday. I ended up staying at my friends house so I hopped up and went and spent time with my fam. Before I knew it, it was time to meet back up to go to the laser tag event. This is her event where her nieces and nephews and all other kids can participate. The kids I was gonna bring either had prior obligations and one was on punishment. The place was too crowded and we didn’t even end up getting to play. Bummer. I was ready…..Then it was time to get dressed for dinner. After dinner, we changed so we wouldn’t be smelling like food and hit the streets. We hit this loft downtown. It was actually a real nice event. The crowd wasn’t there though. (My old man boo wasn’t there. That was my 2nd time going out and he wasn’t there. I was devastated…) So we got back to my friend’s place. And  that time change was scary. It was just after 2 and then I looked again and it was after 4. I was like ohhhhh no I’m supposed to be going to sunday school in the morning. But I did it. I hopped up about 8 and I ain’t been right since.

I’ve been extremely TIRED. On Monday, I called myself taking a hour nap. I dozed off at 6:30 and didn’t wake up until after 10…. So then I guess I just rolled back over and didn’t wake up again until after 2:30. This time I hopped up because I had clothes in the washer and other stuff I had planned to take care of after my nap. Then I fell right back asleep after 3.

The rest of the week has just been dragging by. I have had no kind of energy whatsoever. Yesterday, I woke up excited because I was thinking I wasn’t gonna have to wake up by an alarm clock the next day. Then I was disappointed once I realized it was only Thursday.  Bummer!!!!!

So the weekend is FINALLY HERE and I am soooooo happy about it. I have absolutely no plans. I’m gonna hit the gym today for a bit then I’m FREEEEEEEEE….. So here’s the plan. Even though it’s beautiful weather my butt is staying in the house. I got my new pajamas already laid out. They are on the couch waiting for me to put them on. I ‘m going to be a bum. My only plans include watching Law Abiding Citizen and catching some basketball games. That is all.

So what about you? What are your plans?

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  1. March 20, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    Man I wish I had the luxury of doing nothing. Since my kids Dad decided to go AWOL, I haven’t had time to do anything I want.


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