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Officially a gym member

So yesterday I actually signed up and became a gym member.  I was able to meet with our contact and everything worked out so it was not a gimmick. From his name  I kind of expected him to be a brother man. Which he was. And he was the general manager. So that impressed me. I kind of had my doubts about him because I didn’t know how he was going to be because of his mannerism.  Last week, I seen him giving one of my coworkers a tour so I assumed that was him. But yesterday was our first introduction.

Surprisingly, he was cool as hell. I actually enjoyed our “meeting”. Even though he was trying to get in my business. I’mma let that slide. But the conversation was cool. We also talked about the city in which my gym is in since it’s the city that I work in and not where I live. I told him I tried living there for a year but I didn’t care for it so I moved back to where I went to school. He’s like well your town doesn’t have Morton’s. I was like okay but I’ve never been to Morton’s so no biggie. He goes on to say so your squeeze’s been taking you to the wrong spots. So I’m just like no squeezes here so then he proceeds to say well, you gonna have to go with us one time. He’s like it’s free for us. All I heard was the free part and my eyes kind of perked up a bit. I hear this place is a nice steakhouse and I love a good steak. Especially when I’m not paying for it.Just being honest. So we’ll see if I ever make it to Morton’s. He was probably just doing his new client friendly talk. Overall,  he was cool though.  At least now when I see him I will at least say hey.

Like I had mentioned in the comment section there are some cuties there. I like admiring the eye candy from afar. I’m not going to the gym to get my flirt on so I’m not made up at all. I throw this weave in a ponytail and I’m strictly about the business and I leave a hot sweaty mess. And the stalker guy was in there yesterday. As I was leaving he was posted at a machine that I had to walk by and he just grilled me the whole time I was walking. I kept it moving. Don’t get me wrong. I like the fact that I can get the attention at my worst. However, I’m gonna need dude to calm it down a bit.

Stay tuned I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a lot of stories from the gym. And plus my membership is for all three gyms in the area. So you better believe I’m going to ALL of them just to get my nosey on.

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