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I’m still disabled on the book

My account is still disabled on facebook. All because of a 10 year old. Not for sure if you’re aware of the situation but I had wrote about it a few days ago. You can check out that post here. The short version of the story is that my ten year old cousin created a facebook page and I believed that the page needed to be deleted ASAP. So I voiced this over facebook. My mom called and said that she didn’t like the way I handled it and blah, blah, blah. We pretty much just had to agree to disagree because I wasn’t budging.

Fast forward to that same evening. I call myself copying the terms and conditions to my mother and another aunt in a message. To show them that according to the rules users aren’t supposed to be under 13. I kept trying to send the message and then I would get some kind of error message that I kept ignoring and steady tried to send the message. Finally I gave up and when I clicked home it kicked me out. I tried to log back in. I received the message your account has been disabled. So I’ve had to write an email to facebook to ask for appeal. I’m just shaking my head because this whole thing is crazy and it’s on the account of a ten year old boy who shouldn’t have even be on facebook in the first place.

Fast forward, this past weekend the topic comes up. I’m still saying go and delete your account. He’s steady saying I know I know but is not doing it. Then my aunt chimes in. But I don’t understand the big deal. I’m like are you serious. She’s saying what’s 3 years. I’m steady like are you seriously trying to be an enabler. She’s like I’ve been driving since I was 13 and I said and that still doesn’t make it right. Pretty much a few people in the family don’t see anything wrong with him having a page and that just baffles me but when I DO get back on Facebook he will NOT be my friend.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a facebook junkie because I’m only on it when I am actually by a computer. I don’t have the internet on my phone so it’s not an all day everything kind of thing. During the weekdays it does occupy some of my time in the evening. So I guess you can say my presence is known on the facebook streets. Well, I received an email and it’s from a friend of mine. This friend of mine ask to borrow some money in October of 08 and still owes me some of it. She’s paid the majority of it but she still has a lil bit to go. She was under the impression that I deleted her from my friends list and she apologized for the whole money thing because that’s why she thought I had deleted her. I thought it was HILARIOUS. Like OMG people take this fb stuff too serious. So I wrote her back and pretty much informed her my account was disabled and I didn’t deliberately delete her and I apologized for her even thinking that.

So even though I’m temporaily not on facebook it’s still providing me with entertainment. Not to mention the calls from people asking what happened to my account and the calls from people telling me that people posting stuff on their walls asking what happened to 80’s. So we’ll see how long this “disabled” thing lasts.

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  1. Sunny
    January 28, 2010 at 10:25 am

    “I’m steady like are you seriously trying to be an enabler. She’s like I’ve been driving since I was 13 and I said and that still doesn’t make it right”

    Blank stares.

    Okay so THAT is illegal… can you go into a room full of high schoolers and say, hell, I been drinking since 12?

    I agree with you- there’s no reason a young child needs to be on facebook. They don’t need to be on any social network. PERIOD. Socialize at school and get your head in the books!

  2. V Renee
    January 28, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    WHAT?!?!?! Your account is STILL disabled?? Oh hellz naw!

    3 years not making a difference?!?! I’m sorry but between the ages of newborn-18, 3 years is a HUGE difference. Using that logic, if 16 is the norm to start dating, it should be okay to date at 13!

  3. thecomebackgirl
    January 29, 2010 at 10:12 am

    First of all can you make these comments bigger in font so i can read them..second of all, i sitll don’t understand why fb suspended your account??

  4. ms80sbaby
    January 29, 2010 at 11:57 am

    @Comeback….I didn’t know how to do it so I just changed the style……

    But yeah so I don’t know if facebook has some kind of script that is able to detect when someone is copying their copyrighted information or what. But I do know that my process was disabled as a result of me trying to send their terms and conditions in a facebook message.

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