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I’m gonna start just showing up……..

So yesterday we had a birthday party for my grandmother. It ended up being a great affair however, I was WORRIED. See my dad’s side of the  family has a bad habit of being extremely late. Just to give you an example, the event was supposed to start at 3 yesterday. However, it didn’t start until almost 5. Now, everybody in the family already knows how everyone already is. It’s almost 3:30 and my daddy is calling my cell phone. Who all up there? I’m like NONE of the family, it’s the guests. He steady saying that don’t make no sense. I don’t know why they do that. I’m like instead of you worrying about everybody else you need to get up here. Yeah, when the guests started arriving I went and hid in the kitchen. It was too stressful for me to entertain when I didn’t know when people were actually gonna start coming. My mom is the hostess with the mostest so I let her do her thang while I was hiding. Eventually people started strolling in but nowhere near 3:00. One of my aunts and her crew didn’t even arrive to almost 6.  That’s just how they do.

But let me back up…… So on Saturday night my mom tells me that she was asked to help w/ the decorations. The grandmother is on my dad’s side. So of course she solicits my help. Which I have never problem doing. So me, her, my cousin and another one of my aunts is out there at the place we rented pulling out tables and chairs trying to get everything situated. I had no problems helping set up. However, I noticed my aunt kept sliding in comments about the decorations from last time. That was rubbing me the wrong way because me and my momma were the only 2 who had did the decorations. The way this place is setup is stupid so it’s not a lot that you can do. Especially where setting up the tables and chairs are concerned. She was mentioning that she would have never set it up the way that it was set up before. I honestly don’t think that she realized that she was talking to the decorators from last time but I was not liking that. The more she talked the more I started to get my lazy on.

So fast forward to party day. After church my mom changes and rushes out there to finish up her stuff. I change clothes and I take my time. I pull up at 2:30 and I’m thinking to myself why is my momma the only one here. So of course, it’s me and her AGAIN who is pulling this stuff off. The guests outside of the family are showing up, the pastor and his wife, the praise dancer, and some other folks on TIME. This is when I started to just walk around and avoid the guests because I was fed up. I didn’t feel like making excuses for other people. So after 3 then some of the family starts strolling in. I leave and go to the store with my cousin to get away from it all.

You know outside of the usual lateness, I enjoyed being around the family. But I was still kind of agitated because I’m like how come I don’t know what it feels like to just stroll in somewhere. I’m always one of the first ones on the scene and one of the last ones to leave. Mind you, my family is huge so  if everyone pitches in it wouldn’t be that much to do. So it came time to start breaking down chairs and tables. I politely excused myself to the other room. Like I’m not moving another chair. Fast forward to the remaining part of the evening. Majority of the chairs were put up but there will still tables left out. So again I had to start breaking down tables and putting them back in their respective places. Not to mention the tables weren’t put in right in the first place so I had to take them out and restack them. And I’m talking about the long tables. I’m not the type to just let stuff go undone. That’s just not me so I was cursing folks out in my head but I did it.

That evening I told my parents that I was just gonna start showing up. I said it’s too much stuff that has to be done for the majority of it to just fall on a few people’s shoulders. My momma called my daddy out like I asked you to come help us decorate he talking about setting out tablecloths is a woman’s thing. I chimed in like pulling out over 50 heavy chairs  and I don’t even know how many tables is not a woman’s thing. I said nor is it something that only a few people should be doing. He like well, y’all need to get people to help y’all. I’m like people should just jump in and help. Furthermore, when you ask people still don’t help.So yeah, this is my rant…….But I’m about to start pulling missing in action stunts because EVERYBODY need to do their part. Time out for just a few of us doing it all……

P.S. And I’m cracking up because my aunt from my mom’s side attended the party and decided to let me know that I was the skinniest womanon that side of the family….That was hilarious to me.

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