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Quit asking all them questions……

Over the weekend, I helped celebrate my goddaughter’s 6th birthday. We were going snowtubing and then she was having an ol school sleepover at the house. My goddaughter had snuck and took a whole stack of invitations to her school and pretty much invited her entire class. She goes to school with a lot of 2520’s and suprisingingly a lot of them RSVP’d. Needless to say, when we showed up at the snow tubing place there were a lot of people in our party. A total of 63 to be exact. Snow tubing is not cheap and it’s 20.00 a head. So you do the math… Yep, over 1200.

My friend is very generous so she was paying for the kids. But the momma’s, daddy’s, and other siblings. Nah, that wasn’t in her budget. My friend paid for it all upfront and then afterwards the 2520 parents came up to her and offered to pay for them. Yeah and my friend didn’t turn down that money. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it would have been maybe one parent or so but no these people brought their families. Anywho we had a very nice time.

But it was just this one woman who would not stop with the questions. Somehow I ended up getting stuck going tubing with my friends mom, her sister, and some of the kids. While we were in line, a mother of one of my god daughter’s classmates started with the questions. She was asking my friend’s mother all kind of questions. So how many kids do you have? How many kids does E (my friend)  have? So what does she do? Me and my friend’s sister was just looking at each other like when is this questioning gonna stop. But the thing that I enjoyed is that my friend’s momma had answers for her.

When she was asked so what does your daughter do she was able to hit her with she owns her own daycare. And she was able to elaborate and say she just expanded and opened up a facility. I was cracking up on the inside. Like yeah, you up here trying to figure out how this young black girl is able to do what she do. How you like them apples!!!!!!!  

Fast forward to the house portion of the party. I was also surprised with how many of the 2520 kids came back to the house. And I noticed the trend is that the daddy’s take the lil girls to the bday parties. I’m not for sure why it is that way. Maybe the 2520 mother’s were scared of us. I don’t know….. *kanye shrug* All I know is them 2520s had them a good ol time with us.

During the party, we had the kids in the basement and they were given the typical bday party food. The grown folks were getting the good stuff. Fried chicken. I thought it was so funny because the 2520 men were upstairs lingering with us like I want to stay up here without the kids. And then lo and behold they worked themselves over to the chicken and started helping themselves to it. On the inside we were cracking up like I know they are in heaven. They were surrounded by beautiful black women and being served fried chicken.  It was also hilarious because as they were leaving they were like thanks for the food. And my friend mentioned that on Tuesday she received notes from majority of the dads saying don’t forget about us for next year’s party….

Oh and I’m praying now that my kids do NOT have food allergies. I felt like I was the food police. We had some kids who didn’t eat pork and others who were allergic to peanuts. The whole night I was like can you eat this and I was reading ingredients on the back. I was so scared that somebody was gonna eat something that they weren’t supposed to. Even the next morning I was trying to stop this lil girl from eating sausage. I was like you can’t eat that. She was shaking her head like yes I can. I’m like you don’t eat pork. She’s like unh unh I eat pork. It was her cousin who didn’t eat pork. I was just like carry on then. And her lil greedy butt kept grabbing pieces of sausages too. All in all, food allergies are NO JOKE.

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  1. V Renee
    January 21, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    This sounds like a great time!! 

    Food allergies in kids are NO JOKE. I have a little cousin who is allergic to pretty much everything. No lie. BUT she has THE prettiest skin. And I’m almost positive that it’s because of her diet. 

    Ummm so you do have my address to send me an invite to the next party right?!?!?!

  2. ms80sbaby
    January 21, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    @V…. I definitely got you on the next party… We had a ball… It was princess themed so we had them decorating and wearing crowns… We put some eyeshadow on them and painted they nails for the fashion show/ photoshoot. (They were told to pack some dress up clothes for the fashion show) And we laid out a red carpet for them. Please peep the video on my fb page. Some of them went all out. It was too cute.

    Yeah but food allergies are definitely a scary experience. And we had a couple of epi pens on deck just in case……I bet her skin is that pretty because of the diet….

  3. V Renee
    January 21, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    There’s a video??? Oh I must see it!

  4. ms80sbaby
    January 21, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    Yes, there’s a video…. And please peep the red carpet….

    There’s another I need to load from the party. Maybe I’ll work on that one tonight.

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