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No more late night caffeine

So yesterday I proceeded to drink a diet pepsi before I went to bed. Heck, I was thirsty and that was the only thing that seemed like it would quench my thirst at the time. However, diet pepsi from last night = no sleep for me. I did not sleep at all. I just laid there all night long. I kept trying not to look at the clock but the hours just kept passing by. I got up to use the bathroom more than a few times. I was starving so I got up and got a piece of gum. I don’t know what I thought that was gonna do. But I didn’t want to actually get up and get something to eat in the middle of the night. That just seemed greedy to me.

Finally, 6:00 rolls around and the alarms start going off. Any regular day I would have been hitting snooze over and over and over again. So I get up since I obviously can’t go to sleep. My mind pretty much wandered all night long so I journaled for a minute to get all my thoughts out. Didn’t want to forget them. After journaling, I hop on the computer for a bit. Then  I decide to hop in the shower. It’s about 7:00 so I lay back down and set my alarm for 7:15. I decided if I didn’t fall asleep I was getting up, if I fell asleep then I was gonna call work and tell them I’m coming in later. 

At 7:15,  I woke up due to the alarm clock so then I’m like I’m setting this to 7:30. I doze off again. By this time, I’m hearing them cleaning up the snow in my complex. So I’m definitely like I’m sleeping in. I call work and let them know I’m gonna be in later. It’s about 7:45 now and I finally drift off to sleep. Only to wake up at 9 to get dressed and come on in to work. I got roughly 2 hours of sleep. So I am not a happy camper right now. 

I’ve known  caffeine to keep me up. But has it ever made me pull an all nighter? Hell to the naw!!!! That was a first and it’s definitely going to be a last. Y’all know I needs my beauty rest.   Does caffeine do this to you? Have you accidentally pulled an all nighter due to some coffee, mt. dew, or pepsi? Talk to me……….

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